Believe it or not, in Mexico City you can also relax


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Ask any Mexican for recommendations for a relaxing weekend in their country and you will receive a long list of destinations sprinkled throughout the country. Vallarta Port. Tulum Cove. Cuernavaca But one thing is certain: the capital will not be on that list.

And it is that, with the naked eye, with its 2, 000 square kilometers of extension, its more than 8 million inhabitants and its endless caravans of cars, Mexico City does not precisely inspire tranquility. However, if you scratch a little under the surface, the former Federal District and its unparalleled offer of hotels, spas and weekend getaways can become your haven of private peace.


'Peace' is precisely the word that comes to mind when entering Villa Condesa . With its lattice entrance and its lustrous urban garden, this hotel is one of the jewels of the bohemian Condesa neighborhood.

Here the most absolute silence reigns , only disturbed from time to time by the singing of the birds or the leisurely talk of other guests: no traffic noise, no street hustle, something unthinkable in one of the busiest areas of the Mexican capital.

Beyond the garden, the rooms combine minimalist touches with romantic ones in neutral colors, in addition to being completely soundproofed. In Villa Condesa, even your senses relax.

Las habitaciones de Villa Condesa, en Ciudad de México, están totalmente insonorizadas.

The rooms of Villa Condesa, in Mexico City, are completely soundproofed. © Villa Condesa

Live a complete relaxing experience at Hotel Habita. Located on the newly remodeled Avenida Presidente Masaryk, in the exclusive neighborhood of Polanco, this Habita group hotel is a luxury spill in the purest minimalist style.

The facilities focus on the combination of lights and shadows and the harmony of materials and colors (the Canadian maple contrasts with the glass and the wood tones with the blue of the Mexican agave), in addition to r exhaling and inspiring calm in every corner, from the entrance to each of its 36 rooms.

The bar and terrace area drinks the trend and incorporates it into an open space on one of its sides. The restaurant, with the outdoor kitchen, offers international dishes in a casual and elegant atmosphere. As if that were not enough, the terrace has a sauna, swimming pool and jacuzzi. Is it an “oooooh” what we hear from here?

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A few steps from the Paseo de la Reforma, STARA Hamburg offers a place to rest from the worldly noise of Mexico City. This member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World group, with almost two years of operations, breathes minimalism and efficiency, with that air of "don't worry about anything else, I'll take care of it".

In STARA, every detail is taken care of. This intelligent building puts the state-of-the-art technology at the disposal of its guests (everything in its 60 suites is controlled from a tablet, you don't have to touch a switch or the air conditioning control if you don't want to) without losing an iota of charm. The hotel is an example of inclusive architecture: take advantage of the charm of the atmosphere of the traditional Porfirian house where you are staying.

Recepción del hotel STARA Hamburgo, donde hasta el último detalle cuenta.

Reception of the hotel STARA Hamburg, where every last detail counts. © STARA Hamburg


Simply put, Hela Spa is a true temple to relaxation. Its Polanco facilities are enjoyed with all the senses - without missing one -: only for their views over the city is it worth visiting them.

In addition to its location and privileged height, Hela is a space to truly pay homage. It offers from body treatments (the antioxidant wrap with agave is essential) to reflexology, through special packages for brides (and boyfriends), couples or special occasions worthy of celebration.

For a different relaxing experience, try Tina Belo. This urban spa focuses more on beauty treatments than on relaxation, in order to pamper yourself inside and out.

Tina Belo, un spa urbano de Ciudad de México centrado en los tratamientos de belleza.

Tina Belo, an urban spa in Mexico City focused on beauty treatments. © Tina Belo

Tina Belo, in the middle of the Roma neighborhood, does not skimp on details, from the decoration (made or on purpose for Instagram) to the products she uses (natural and chemical-free). In its catalog, treatments for any part of the body, from manicures to purifying facials. You will feel another person.


And if none of these options work to take a break in Mexico City, you will always have the last resort: abandon it completely (temporarily, of course).

Cuernavaca is a favorite capital city destination in terms of relaxation: ask any defender where to go to a spa weekend, and he will direct you to this city in the state of Morelos where hotels and spas abound.

Anticavilla Hotel & Spa stands out, and much, above the crowd. More than a hotel, Anticavilla is an oasis, a haven of peace trapped in an old walled Mexican house, completely renovated with Italian modernist touches and a large garden, which is completed with a pool and outdoor massage area.

For even more relaxation, head to your Maikiki spa. Its protocols combine chromotherapy with aromatherapy and music therapy, and offer from massages to body and facial treatments of Natura Bissé.

Another destination a stone's throw from the capital is the town of Ixtapan de la Sal, in the State of Mexico. This area is very popular since pre-Hispanic times, in which Ixtapan de la Sal and its hot springs were visited by the great lords for their medicinal properties, which were said to strengthen body and spirit.

The Shangri-La spa offers, in addition to traditional treatments and an extensive catalog of massages, twenty Roman-style tubs, preserved since 1955, in which to enjoy the hot springs. You will return to Mexico City as new.

Anticavilla Hotel & Spa, en Cuernavaca, el destino favorito de los capitalinos para desconectar.

Anticavilla Hotel & Spa, in Cuernavaca, the favorite destination of the capitals to disconnect. © Anticavilla Hotel & Spa