The five best lobster stews from the Balearic Islands


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Between the beginning of April and the end of August, lobsters that live in the deepest and coldest waters of the coves of Menorca - and some other points of the Balearic Islands -, fed with coral flowers and hedgehogs, provide the main raw material for an extremely simple and reasonably luxurious soup dish: the stew.

Although they are always cooked in tià (clay pot) and have mincemeat, water, salt and hard bread, in addition to the same lobster practically alive and freshly chopped, not all stews are the same.

Some add a chopped almond and egg; others, brandy and fennel … Each of these temples of that dish in the Balearic Islands has its own secrets.

Ses Bosques

Ses Bosques, an authentic place to eat one of the best stews in Ibiza © Ses Bosques Restaurant

Es Cranc (Escoles, 31; Fornells Menorca tel. 971 37 64 42)

Dining room with a simple and familiar atmosphere, it has its own lobster nursery, which guarantees the freshness of the product.

Es Port (Passeig Marítim Poet Gumersind Riera, 5; Fornells Menorca tel. 971 37 64 03)

The Richard Riera, father and son, welcome their customers with sympathy, offering them, in addition to a good stew, nettles, fish croquettes and grilled seafood.

Caldereta Es Cranc

The longosta stew of Es Cranc: a real delicacy taken from its own nursery © Getty Images

Café Balear (Passeig is Pla de Sant Joan, 15 Citadel; Menorca tel. 971 38 00 05)

One of the gastronomic references of this island. It has its own boat that provides lobsters and seafood, well treated in the kitchen.

Escorat (Engineer Gabriel Roca, 6 Cala Ratjada; Mallorca tel. 971 81 86 89)

Stellar specialty of the Menorcan cuisine, the lobster stew also has a dignified representation in this Mallorcan restaurant.

Ses Bosques

You can't leave the Balearic Islands without trying the lobster stew © Restaurante Ses Bosques

Ses Bosques ( Ses Bosques Beach, Es Cubells, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza tel. 606 081 570)

Rustic and authentic, this beach bar makes it possible to eat a good stew - and other seafood dishes - with your feet in the sand of a delicious beach.

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