The Pizza Hut Museum is installed in the first place opened by the chain


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A special birthday, that first date I just kissed, the night that your team won that game where you suffered so much … Many of our most endearing memories happened in a pizzeria. And in those memories, we find two words repeated: Pizza Hut.

What began as a small corner where to eat this round delight, today has 16, 000 restaurants in 100 countries, and well deserved a tribute.

Dan and Frank Carney, co-founders of Pizza Hut, opened their first establishment in a small store just 50 square meters in Wichita, Kansas. Today it reopens its doors converted into a museum dedicated to the popular pizza chain.

“A place dedicated not only to the cultural history, but also to the business, of Pizza Hut”, the brothers comment.

Pizza Hut

The place where the first Pizza Hut opened is now a museum! © Wichita State University Foundation

"Current and future business students will see that the Pizza Hut brand was started in this humble building by two brothers whose entrepreneurial spirit created a global icon of the restaurant franchise, " said Bill Walsh, owner of Dala Corporation, one of the franchises. who have made donations to the museum.

The Carney brothers opened the original restaurant in 1958, near the Wichita State University campus, on the corner of Kellogg and Bluff. Although with this Italian dish, which was just beginning to stand out in the United States, they hoped to feed only university students, they became one of the largest pizza companies in the world .

After the closure of the original premises, the restaurant changed its location in the 80s to move back to the so-called WSU Innovation Campus in 2017 , where today you can visit this interactive museum with vintage cash registers, cooking utensils of yesteryear, original recipes, the first advertisements broadcast on television and many more culinary curiosities.

Pizza Hut

If you go through Kansas and you are a pizza fan, you will love this little piece of history and admission is free! © Wichita State University Foundation

Every corner of this small museum has been carefully designed and designed to entertain and inform visitors about the history of Pizza Hut.

They also have a board where visitors can write the memories of their dinners at Pizza Hut on napkins to share them with other pizza lovers. Many of these messages are also published on the museum's website.

In addition, in its touch library there are 3D replicas of the objects used in Pizza Hut such as the original rolling pin, old frying pans and the special shoe edition that was launched in 2017 on the occasion of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. This red and white shoe had bluetooth technology to order a pizza by pressing!

Pizza Hut

Why are there no boxes like those before? © Wichita State University Foundation

Do you want more? Children's games with pizza slices, an Easy Bake oven and a Barbie Doll Pizza Hut restaurant will delight the little ones.

The Pizza Hut Museum is located behind the Marcus Welcome Center, right next to 21st Street, and admission is free for all guests.

Visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays and Fridays and from 12 to 16 h. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Hip, hip … PIZZA!

Pizza Hut

The little ones also have their corner in the Pizza Hut Museum © Wichita State University Foundation

Pizza Hut

Two brothers and a small restaurant that became one of the most important pizza chains in the world © Wichita State University Foundation