The other version of the ultramodern Singapore you don't know


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Tall buildings, ultramodern, traffic and almost spaceships … is that your image of Singapore? Leave stereotypes behind because this photographer is going to show you another face of the country, the one that has fallen in love with hundreds of people and that has positioned it as one of the best countries to live in and where the expatriates are happiest. Why will it be?

Mystical, colorful, delicate, calm, sensitive, ect. We could never finish describing Nguan's photography, which he not only collects on his Instagram with 138 thousand followers but also in a book "Singapore" book by Nguan . And in exhibitions all over the world, a job and a love for photography that he describes as "compulsive" for 15 years.

Recoge sus fotografía en el libro 'Singapore' book by Nguan.

He collects his photography in the book 'Singapore' book by Nguan. © Nguan

His work in Asia is quite peculiar and unusual, we assume that he has received numerous awards and awards. He believes he offers a mystical and real version of his country.

“I use the methods of traditional street photography, but my photographs possess the qualities of the formal portrait. I think of all my photos as portraits, even if there are no people in them, ”he tells

“I was not happy with the way Singapore is often portrayed in conventional narratives. It is usually described as a sterile, ultramodern city of glass and steel. My version of Singapore is a dream world where the harshness of reality continues to interfere, ”he describes.

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We can't stop looking at those teenagers eating noodles after school, the delicate flowers in spring, children dressed in uniforms and taken from a story of children's manga, the most crazy versions of human beings in urban art, colorful buildings and symmetrical … why does Singapore not seem the same now?

Nguan keeps the eastern part of the city, Geylang . “It's a fascinating mix of restaurants, temples and brothels. I have taken many photographs in the area, but unfortunately gentrification is infiltrating rapidly, ”he adds.

Because the bad thing about Singapore, for the photographer, is that everything is going too fast and perhaps the only way to stop time is through photography.

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“Many Singaporean people have thanked me for helping them appreciate their daily life and the surroundings. A large percentage of our population lives in high-rise public housing, and I don't think anyone has emphasized the beauty of this landscape… ”

And how beautiful the buildings are from the perspective of Nguan. A poetic perspective that comes as he says working as a footballer. Shooting only in the last 90 minutes of the day, when the sun is low and the world is shining.

Right now he is in New York, like every summer, doing a job on Coney Island, Times Square and Staten Ferry. While we wait for his version of the cosmopolitan New York we can dream of images like this one taken in Changi Beach, in which Nguan tries to capture one of the main features of the Singaporeans: his wandering heart and the desire to be in a different place and time.

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