Traveler Agenda (May 25, 26 and 27)


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Spring never seemed to come and yet we are already getting the juice at the last weekend of May . Let's say goodbye as he deserves to receive June with much more desire.

OF COPAS. We like to advance the weekend, the longer it lasts, the better! We propose a Thursday plan as an entree, and it comes from the hand of Tanqueray, which invites us to its baptized as Thursday of TanquerayTapas, a proposal that meets at the Cafrune restaurant and that is a perfect fusion between two concepts that we like very much : gastronomy and live music.

El interior de la cinoteca durante el festival

The interior of the library during the festival © Madrid Surf Film Festival

A FILM FESTIVAL. On Friday 25 (and until 27) we continue with a main course and many waves … on the asphalt. The Madrid Surf Film Festival begins. We will live the waves in a movie theater, an experience for surf fans of a dozen films and documentaries of this sport and environment.

In the Cineteca of Matadero Madrid you can enjoy films like Paradigma Lost, The Endless Winter II (in which we will see the history of the Spanish Kepa Acero), From Lost to Desert or Simple. And in addition, the documentary Plastic Ocean, which raises a much needed reflection today, demonstrating the "absolute devotion and deep respect that surfers feel for seas, oceans and, in general, for the natural wealth that the planet gives us." The price for the projections is 3.5 euros .

But not everything can be a big screen, but there will also be sports activities such as Mindfulness and Yoga workshops, Surfskate test and Trap Surfing, by Carving Social Club, Spain's first multi-brand Surfskate school, and tutorials by Caribbean, the store Madrid specialized in longboard, skate and surf.

In addition, you can be part of the various presentations in which you will not stop learning about the latest technology in the manufacture of surfboards, for example. Another of these papers will be orchestrated by an NGO dedicated to the protection and sustainable management of waves and coastal means .

But perhaps, the most anticipated presentation is that of the surfer Kepa Acero, shared with the giant wave surfer Axi Muniain, who will face in a debate of Pro Surfing vs Free Surfing, on Saturday at 5 pm. Without forgetting that there is no surfing encounter in which music, concerts and DJ sessions are missing .

FOR OUR PALADARES . New salad recipes arrive in Crustó Madrid. These are healthy and sophisticated proposals and, as a Crustó label, they integrate their renowned breads into recipes. Four varieties: La Rôtie, Crustó, Salade au jardin or with smoked salmon.

La Crustó is his most traditional recipe, with duck ham, fresh fruits and crunchy focaccia, with lentil caviar and buckwheat, salmon and bread. Eating healthy the most chic Parisian style! And to accompany? Smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables and a good French dessert.

A FULL COLOR MARKET. On Saturday , May 26, you cannot miss the obligatory walk through the Mercado de las Flores, from 12:00 to 20:00 hours in the street Jorge Juan de Madrid. This fourth edition organized by VOGUE Spain and by Madrid Capital de Moda, will be presented by the Association of Merchants of District 41, and will bring together many of the best florists in Madrid outdoors . We invite you to go and choose your favorite floral combination.

Vogue te invita al Mercado de las Flores de Jorge Juan

Vogue invites you to the Jorge Juan Flower Market © Vogue

GET JAPAN AND JEREZ . This is what Matritum proposes (Cava Alta 17, Madrid). This combination that may sound strange a priori is the new exclusive proposal for Mondays in the Matritum. A tavern that surprises with unexpected pairings and that this time attracts our attention with a special and outgoing menu consisting of 6 dishes plus dessert for a price of 40 euros, which amounts to 85 if you want to accompany with a selection of exclusive jereces.

Do not hesitate to dare to try it, the proposal will last until July 30. Dishes such as miso soup, varied takitori or fried oyster with ancestral pickled mayonnaise . The idea? Chef José Kobos, who has just arrived from Japan and along with Álvaro Serrano, will soon surprise the diner, that's for sure!

Gyozas, en la taberna Matritum

Gyozas, in the Matritum Tavern © Matritum

GASTRONOMY FOR EVERYTHING at the Malaga Gastronomy Festival, which celebrates nothing more and nothing less than its fifth edition . In the Plaza de la Marina you can participate in workshops, enjoy live music and taste the best Malaga cuisine, but … also with representation from many other places like the Basque Country, which this year is the guest territory ! A real trip for our palate.

Organized by Lumen, Gastronomic Projects, which invites its attendees to participate in activities that include understanding a different and fun cocktail bar, talking about special coffees from different parts of the world, dancing to the rhythm of Low Lab Kid DJ, trying and getting to know Everything about Idiazabal cheese at Xabier Zabaleta showcooking, taste the new Cruzcampo beer that will be named after the festival or attend an enogastronomic workshop.

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AN EXHIBITION FOR A GOOD CAUSE . The photography exhibition 'Eros Barcelona', fights against the abandonment of dogs and any other type of pets.

'Eros Barcelona' is named after its protagonist, a very special one, who has even been blessed by the Pope in the Vatican. Eros is a dog, yes, the dachshund of the author of the Dog Friendly Traveler website . Brigitte Bardot herself is the godmother of the exhibition that will last until June 21 at the Murmuri Hotel in Barcelona.

La postal de la exposición 'Eros Barcelona'

The postcard of the exhibition 'Eros Barcelona' © David Suárez x Dog Friendly traveler

A VINTAGE MARKET, in Madrid. Welcome to Lost and Found Market. On Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, the Conde Duque cultural center is filled with vintage items, music and food trucks. A place to find authentic treasures.

SUNDAY, DE BRUNCH, and that is in the tray of the new proposal 'Ginbrunch' . Gin and Brunch what a great invention! You can try this wonder in the kitchen of San Antón, on the roof of the market with the same name. What better way to start a late Sunday, after having rested and going out to celebrate it with a brunch accompanied by custom Nordés gintonics .

The Spirit Travelers know that Sundays are not to stay at home. That's why we encourage you to try this brunch with the price of 39 euros to share or the à la carte brunch plus the gin and tonic for 8'50 euros. How we like these new traditions of Sunday, brunch and sun!

El 'Ginbrunüh' de San Antón

The 'Ginbrunüh' of San Antón © Mercado de San Antón

A BOOK, from the Pahidon publishing house, Green Escapes, The Guide to Secret urban Gardens, by Toby Musgrave. In its pages we find more than 260 gardens in more than 150 cities around the world, and many of them really unknown. If you are in search of urban jungle and calm in the metropolis itself, this is your book.

It includes, for example, the baroque garden of Amsterdam, the green roof and the courtyard of the Asakura Sculpture Museum in Tokyo, the roofed garden in an abandoned library in Mexico or the innovative Skip Garden in London. We played hide and seek? Without a doubt, we have gardens to get lost, as this guide shows us.

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ONE SERIES Last weekend the series continued for thirteen reasons with its second season. So if you have not had time to follow it, and since all the chapters are up … what better than a marathon prepared for Saturday and Sunday. Netflix and Chill <3 It is a lesson for many people and an unknown world although we all hear about it in the background, and that it is mandatory to know to fight bullying in the school world.

IN THE CINEMA . On May 25, the film featuring an excellent Omar Sy, seen in other classics such as Untouchable, premieres.

Sy returns to the big screens this time as Doctor de la felicida d, who plays the role of a scammer turned into a doctor who, when moving to a small town taking the place of a retired friend, tries to make all its inhabitants believe that Everyone has strange diseases, thus getting patients.

Nor can we miss the premiere of Han Solo, a Star Wars story, especially for fans of the saga.

IN THE NETWORKS . We add to our list of Instagram favorites Pierre Schuester (@pierreschuester), who with about 64 thousand followers, takes off very often from Madrid, because as he says in his account "only by taking height we can better admire the beauty of cities", to recommend the best hotels and hidden secrets in destinations such as Switzerland, France, Bahamas or Aruba.

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