Four reasons why you should sleep in this palace of Saint-Tropez


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Few vacation destinations have made their name synonymous with luxury, exclusivity, prestige and lifestyle. But this old fishing village of the French Riviera in the 60s knew to catch in the 60s - with its essence and its authenticity - a new wave of international travelers who wanted to rest, but also to be seen.

Inspirational place for intellectuals and artists such as Picasso, the truth is that it was the actress Brigitte Bardot who with her glamor and the parties in her mansion raised 'St-Trop' (as they know what they know) to the podium of the ' unavoidable summer quotes'.

Beyond this cinematic cliché, what the visitor is going to find in the gulf of Saint-Tropez is with the best beach of Provence, that of Pampelonne, and in the center of the city with the roofs of the village houses, with the wall of the citadel and the recognizable ocher bell tower Siena of the church of Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption, from the 16th century (here we propose a complete road trip through the French Riviera).

Tendrás que abandonar la ciudad para llegar hasta la fina arena de la playa de Pampelonne.

You will have to leave the city to reach the fine sand of Pampelonne beach. © Getty Images


With incredible views and considerable size, several of the 57 suites and 60 rooms - with private terrace or garden - of the Château de la Messardière have been tastefully renovated and many elegant details to remind guests that they are staying, nothing more and nothing less, than in a French palace (it has the category of Palace since 2012). Specifically, the two-room suites and the Prestige rooms, with a two-by-two-meter bed and a terrace that points directly to Pampelonne Bay.

Also this season they have inaugurated a new route along the property's trails (ten hectares of land), which runs between the gardens, the Mediterranean vegetation and the olive trees from which the oil that the hotel gives its long-stay guests gives away. so that they take a little piece of Provence to their homes.

Merece la pena recorrer los jardines de la propiedad, de diez hectáreas de terreno.

It is worth visiting the property's gardens, with ten hectares of land. © David Grimbert


Originally from Las Landas, Alain Lamaison was the youngest chef in Paris to get a Michelin star and, however, he changed the hustle and bustle of the big city for the premium seasonal products of Provence - like olive oil, from That he is in love.

After passing through different restaurants in France, this season has been at the head of the hearths of the Château de la Messardière to surprise with its most precise and modern proposals in the restaurant L'Acacia: from the great classics of French cuisine to Mediterranean creations tastier and lighter. In addition, connoisseur of the new gastronomic tendencies, it has included a totally vegetarian menu in the menu.

He has also taken charge of lunch and dinner by the pool at the tables of À Ciel Ouvert, a restaurant where fresh fish, salads, grilled meat, risotto and pasta stand out.

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Only two brands as distinguished as Valmont and Cinq Mondes could fit 100% in this well-being temple of classic and refined appearance: lined with mosaics, with columns and stone vaults, stained glass windows and wrought iron details.

A symbiosis so special, that during the month of June and exclusively for the Château de la Messardière, the Swiss brand expert in beauty protocols will offer a unique ritual in the five cabins of this spa of more than 450m2 equipped with swimming pool and bathroom Turkish.

For its part, Cinq Mondes incorporates a new treatment aimed at guaranteeing absolute well-being, thus adding to the wide range of body massages present in its portfolio: traditional oriental, Balinese, Ayurvedic, aromatic …

Piscina interior del spa del Château de la Messardière.

Indoor pool of the Château de la Messardière spa. © David Grimbert