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Llop is a journey through the cuisine of the world and the new gastronomic adventure of En Compañía de Lobos, son of some of the best successes of recent years in Barcelona such as Gallito, Gats or Green Spot .

In the former convent of the Carmelites in El Raval, through which two other restaurants had previously passed, at the intersection of Doctor Dou and Carme Street, it seemed that something new was needed to fit the multiculturalism of the neighborhood and at the height of the international palates that travel daily on the Raval.

Aquí comer es compartir.

Here eating is sharing. © Llop

Llop can be a breakfast at a good price, with organic and quality products, it can be a coworking space (hence it is wide and with different table styles), it can be a coffee with book in the afternoon, a romantic dinner, a concert on Thursday nights or a late-night cocktail with great music and atmosphere . Which of all is your favorite option?

If you opt for the first you will find a breakfast with many eggs : ranchers, fried, casserole with tomatoes, poached egg accompanying, for example, with a bread dough from Baluard and Forn de Sant Josep, avocado and dukkahh. Or also bagels, english muffin… “We give a lot of importance to breakfast, ” adds Julia.

Its offer is healthy, although it is not vegetarian . Yes you will find winks like organic yogurt with granola and fruit, or açai bowl with homemade granola and pancakes made with spelled flour . "There is no white sugar in anything, we try to make it as healthy and organic as possible."

Cada mes acogen actividades culturales.

Each month they host cultural activities. © Llop

If your choice is in the afternoon do not forget to ask for a coffee from Cafés el Magnificent, 100% organic, or a freshly pressed juice and if you have more appetite, a sandwich reuben with vegetable chips, a hot Swiss cheese pastrami, cucrut and Russian sauce

His steps are determined to be established as a point of reference in the neighborhood for international tastes, that's why there are also tapas, but not the classic ones. The version of their wild potatoes is international, but do not miss them either the croquettes of ceps, the charcoal salmon with white miso sauce, the spicy thai squid and its star dish: the guacamole mortar with tortilla chips .

“They are dishes designed to share . We interpret the Mediterranean cuisine by going around, ”the author of the menu tells

Tapas diferentes y con toque internacional.

Different tapas and international touch. © Llop

Llop breathes a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in which you are comfortable and want to stay for a little while, I do not know if they put the soundtrack of the series of the moment, live music or wood and warm tones that surround everything. Therefore, you can not miss your list of new addresses in Barcelona .

Así es Llop.

That's Llop. © Llop

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Carrer Carme 42, Barcelona


934 615 911


Breakfasts from 9am to 12pm. Sunday to Thursday from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. and from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday from 12h to 16h and from 20h to 24h.

Half price

Menu of the day: € 13.90. Average price of letter: € 25-30