Toledo will have its bubble hotel to see the stars


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Do you like the stars? Are you one of those who as a child spent hours contemplating them, looking for imaginary figures and dreaming of reaching one day so high? Dear adult, you may love to know that 90 km from Madrid, in the Toledo town of Hormigos, the first sphere-shaped hotel is about to open to see the stars, sunrise and sunset, and be definitely happier.

Miluna has chosen this place away from light pollution and in the middle of nature so you can see the stars like never before. A total of four spheres are part of this peculiar hotel located a few kilometers from Toledo, and which is inspired by two other hotels in Catalonia and Navarra .

“The idea of ​​the project came up at the end of 2015. One of the three partners went as a customer to a hotel where they have similar rooms shaped like spheres. Both the room, as the experience lived captivated him, and he thought about the possibility of extending this product ”, tells, Alejandro Bosch, partner of Miluna.

Vistas desde las habitaciones.

Views from the rooms. © Miluna

Since then, they worked to find a place in the middle of nature, in which to disconnect from the stress of the city and "at the same time could fill us with vitality with different activities".

Miluna will open next September, although they already offer the possibility of making reservations . The main peculiarity of them is that they are bubble-shaped rooms, 30m 2 and made of PVC, which swell through a soundproof machine 24 hours a day.

“The rooms are surrounded by natural shrubs that delimit your private plot and where you can be in your own garden using the telescope or simply relaxing and contemplating nature, ” adds Alejandro.

And he continues: “Our moons (we call our rooms like that) are located in a unique place, isolated from noise and pollution. An environment that offers countless possibilities for both adventurers and those who like to enjoy tranquility. ”

Each of them is baptized with the name of a constellation . So you will sleep in Callisto, which mythology says, it was a jacket that Jupiter fell in love with. To protect her after becoming pregnant, he turned her into a bear but when she died from an arrow, Jupiter made her immortal making her the constellation of the Big Dipper. You will also discover the stories of Europe, Io, Ganymede …

En la habitación no falta telescopio y calendario lunar.

In the room there is no missing telescope and lunar calendar. © Miluna

The experience does not end in the rooms. Being in a natural environment and with the infinite possibilities that Castilla La Mancha offers, in Miluna they also offer other activities such as wine tastings, cheese, horse riding, golf, hiking, cycling routes and visits to historic cities.

On the other hand, the stay in Miluna, which is around 189 euros during the week and 219 euros at the weekend, has breakfast included . In addition you can also enjoy a dinner under the light of the stars, massages, flotarium and a kit of lunar calendar, telescope and books that will help you recognize each constellation.

“At the time of the arrival of the client, they are accompanied to each of their rooms making a brief summary of the history of that room and the comforts they can enjoy. At that time, they are taught how to use the telescope, ”Alejandro Bosch tells

Recreación de Miluna de día.

Recreation of Miluna by day. © Miluna