The destination chosen by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to spend their honeymoon


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There are people who have been queuing in the street for days. Others have already been equipped with all kinds - and when we say all kinds, it is literal - of merchandising for the occasion: cushions, cups, cereals …

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Which designer or designer will sign the bride's dress ? (Erdem, Roland Mouret and Ralph & Russo head the stakes) What will be the menu ? And what about the guests ? And the bridesmaids ?

On May 19, the planet - or at least the entire United Kingdom - will stop to witness one of the most anticipated links (and millionaires) of the year.

The unknowns gradually revealed themselves: the place (Windsor Castle), the flowers ( Philippa Craddock ), the godfather (obviously Prince William), the invitations (from Barnard & Westwood), the number of guests (800 in the chapel and more than 2, 600 on the grounds of the castle), the photographer (Alexi Lubomirski), the bridal cake (by the pastry chef Claire Ptak), ….

Castillo de Windsor

St. George's Chapel of Windor Castle, where Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle will marry © Getty Images

But there is still a big question to clear: the honeymoon. However, all the rumors point to a very special continent for lovers: Africa.

In addition, Kensigton Palace has announced that they will not depart immediately from a bride and groom trip, but that the week following the wedding they will be in charge of various public commitments.

The specific countries that will visit if the forecasts are met will be Namibia and Botswana. Media such as The Telegraph, Travel + Leisure and Observer point to the Natural Selection agency as the chosen one.

It is a company that organizes camps and safaris in Africa, offering unique experiences that are at the same time respectful of the wildlife of the locations.

Specifically, we talk about Hoanib Valley Camp (Namibia) and Meno a Kwena (Botswana).


Located in Kaokoland, northwest of Namibia, Hoanib Valley Camp is located in the heart of one of the wildest and most remote areas of the country, surrounded by mountains, desert, wildlife and Hami settlements.

The camp is a joint venture between the local community and the NGO Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF), which protects giraffes.

Hoanib Valley Camp

Render of the luxury camp Hoanib Valley Camp © Hoanib Valley Camp

Six luxury stores make up this site that practically leaves no mark on the ecosystem. It is supplied with solar energy and raised with wood, bamboo and 70% recycled material.

Among the activities they propose, there is, of course, that of contemplating animals such as the lion, the elephant, the giraffe and the black rhinoceros, the latter in danger of extinction.

You can also visit the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and learn about the lifestyle of the locals.

Jirafa Namibia

In Hoanib Valley Camp they propose safaris to discover the natural habitat of giraffes, elephants, lions and rhinos © Alamy


It would not be the first time the couple visited Botswana. There they spent a few days on the occasion of Meghan Markle's birthday and one of the diamonds of the ring of request also comes from this country.

It is a luxury resort on top of a cliff whose shops face the Boteti River and offer an unprecedented spectacle of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.

Herds of elephants drinking in the water, nomadic zebras that stop to cool off … and all that without leaving your privileged -and 'superprivate'-situation.

Meno a Kwena

Sunset in Meno to Kwena © Alamy

The camp offers safaris in the national park, walks with former Bushmen, river cruises, a natural pool or sleeping under the stars in the salt flats of Makgadikgadi, among many other activities.

Privacy, luxury, sustainability and the extraordinary and captivating magic of the African landscape for a honeymoon that you will surely remember forever.

Long live the bride and groom!

Meno a Kwena

From the store you can admire the African nature in all its splendor © Meno a Kwena

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