The map of the antipodes shows you where you would go if you dug a tunnel under your feet


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It is a feat worthy of cartoons: take a shovel, dig under your feet, continue digging leaving tons of land behind, crossing the crust, mantle and core of the globe … until you reach the other side of the planet: welcome to your antipodes.

Antipodes Map takes care that you don't have to do all the dirty (and impossible) work and locate that other point that is under your feet.

To do this, two maps show on the one hand where you are (the one on the left) and, on the other, where you would be if you were born on the opposite pole of the Planet (the one on the right). An excavator icon will appear on your map on the left when you search for a specific address, zip code or coordinates; it will reappear in the one of the right showing the head in the corresponding antipodes .

El mapa de las antípodas

The map of the antipodes © Antipodes Map

The author of this cartographic wonder, so simple and curious, Andrei Jerca, tells that he started this project with an educational objective : "That is why it is a source of free information that must be shared by everyone; I come from the countryside of information technology (IT) and I have the unconditional (and selfless) support of Aniotek Solutions, a Romanian company specialized in advising IT companies. "

The developer of this map of the antipodes tells us that the idea was born in 2014, "I was watching a short film on television about the" antipodes "and" on the other side of the world "and it occurred to me that I had never seen a map that show that opposite side of the planet and, less, in a fun way. At that time, I took it as a hobby and with one goal: to keep it a virgin without ads that interrupted the experience. "

To do this, 'simply' embedded a layer of programming software that is used with the Google Maps API and Bing Maps, to easily locate any planet point on the map, "but unfortunately these services have a standardized use limit, so our map has a usage limit of about 50, 000 maps every 24 hours; we are thinking of migrating the project to OpenStreet Maps . " Therefore, ask for patience if the map does not work at a particular time.

Si alguna vez te topas con un neozelandés en Vigo, pregúntale cómo ha llegado ahí

If you ever run into a New Zealander in Vigo, ask him how he got there © Antipodes Map

Andrei Jerca tells that there is a generalized error about the concept 'Antipode': no, it is not China because of its large area (only for some Argentines and Chileans it would be) . It is a straight line that crosses the earth to its end on the other side. And this puts us in the following position: almost all the antipodes of the world are the ocean.

In the case of Spain, however, if we wanted to disappear from the world by digging a vertical hole, we would almost always reach the mainland: to New Zealand, more specifically.

But it is not the same if you are Galician than if you are Cordovan. Take, for example, that a Cordovan begins the arduous work of the excavation: he would arrive at the small town of Ngahinapouri, on the North Island ; if a Vigués did it, he would have to take a little boat since his antipode would be the Tasman Sea, at a point near the west coast of the South Island, specifically, near the New Zealand town of Barrytown .

Los cordobeses llegarían a la isla sur de Nueva Zelanda

The Cordobans would arrive on the southern island of New Zealand © Antipodes Map

On the other hand, from the Antipode Map website, they indicate that, to this day, there is still no commercial direct flight to your antipode, that is, to the other end of the world. The closest in the Spanish case would be the flight to Auckland direct from Madrid from Quatar Airways, one of the longest commercial flights in the world. Will you be able to spend 17 hours on a plane? You know the alternative … take the shovel and …