When I grow up I want to be like Robert de Niro (or how to open hotels based on sake)


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Marbella is shining . There is something different, less kitsch, less gummed, more fun and relaxed. With more pleasure. Marbella has always been and will be the place of impossible mixtures, of closed deals in front of champagne bottles and nights with many secrets to keep.

But Marbella lacked a touch of grace. It lacked, between so much sun and beach, a tourism of vital experiences and stories to tell . It lacked, in short, the touch of Niro . The actor and co-founder of the hotel and restaurant brand Nobu arrived in Marbella short in words but blunt. No, he doesn't want to know what dish Trump is asking for in his restaurants, "I don't care what he likes." And he does want to continue scanning the Spanish territory to make the brand grow ( Barcelona will open a Nobu in the first quarter of 2019 and its sights are cities like Madrid and countries like Portugal).

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In this intense journey to expand the Nobu brand and the Nobu Style around the world, the entire executive team has spent four frantic days this week in Europe. First, opening Nobu in Shoreditch, then Marbella, followed by Ibiza, where the summer season was released, to end in Barcelona presenting its future project.

Junior Suite de Nobu Marbella

Nobu Marbella Junior Suite © Nobu Marbella

Of these four destinations, Marbella was in the spotlight: new hotel in the city, 49 flirty rooms ( will become 81 soon ) that share space with the Puente Romano hotel, with the restaurant Dani García and, of course, the Essential Nobu restaurant, which has been serving its dishes in Marbella for a year.

And what differentiates this Nobu from another? And what makes this hotel different from any other in Marbella? What the traveler wants: to return home with a good anecdote and with the feeling of having lived something special.

This was his baptism, nothing typical: the magic triad of Nobu ( de Niro, Nobu Matsuhisa and Meir Teper, co-founders of the brand) officiated a traditional Japanese sake ceremony . That is to say, they broke a barrel full of Nobu sake with wooden mallets, and then serve that sake to all diners as an omen of good luck. Long live Nobu Marbella!

Junior Suite de Nobu Marbella

Nobu Marbella Junior Suite © Nobu Marbella


The co-founders of Nobu, the American actor, chef Nobu and producer Meir Teper, have taken advantage of their presence in our country to approach the Bay of Talamanca and start the summer season of Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, the older brother of Nobu Marbella

With just one year of travel - but of great excellence and relaxed luxury -, this 152-room hotel and design suites returns, with its wide gastronomic offer, its Six Senses spa and its privileged location (ten minutes from the fascinating city from Ibiza), until the middle of October, when he will pick up candles until May 2019.

Among the many attractions of this Small Luxury Hotels of the Worl d are its instagrammable swimming pools, free yoga classes, tai chi and chi kung, its kids club and, most incredible of all, the scarce 20 steps that separate the hotel from Mediterranean.

Energía de Ibiza, captada al atardecer en el Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay.

Energy of Ibiza, captured at sunset at the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. © Marta Sahelices

The main course of Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay are, and never better said, the dishes of its restaurants. Nobu, which keeps the essence and philosophy of the chef, in addition to his name, in the bento boxes, the poké bowl, and the perfect cut of sushi and sashimi (as a novelty this year also opens at noon).

Peyote and its sophisticated Mexican cuisine watered in margaritas with spicy tajin, tequila, Cointreau, agave syrup, lime juice and a vial of mezcal for the most daring.

And the beach bar Chambao, where the delicious paella prepared by the Valencian chef Carlos Herrero tastes much better with his feet sunk in the sand. They complete their gastronomic proposal Celicioso, the cafeteria with gluten-free products that successfully abuses superfoods, and a freshly prepared juice bar.

Tacos de res, tacos de pescado y ensalada de quinoa en Peyoto.

Beef tacos, fish tacos and quinoa salad in Peyoto. © Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

Novelties at Nobu Hospitality

It will be at the beginning of next year when the Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya, located next to the Sants Station, changes its skin to become the new Nobu Hotel Barcelona (fruit of the alliance signed by Selenta Group and Nobu Hospitality).

With 360º views over the city, 250 rooms and a high gastronomic offer, the 18th hotel of this renowned luxury label arrives to confirm the taste - and addiction - of Nobu for our country, and more if we consider that his philosophy is about to land in Madrid (if everything goes well in 2020).

"I love Spain, " said Robert de Niro during the Ibiza event, a phrase that does not need translation and much less explanation, if we stick to the data: Spain will be the only country in the world that will have four Nobu hotels between its borders.

Ibiza es un paraíso y Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay un paraíso dentro del paraiso.

Ibiza is a paradise and Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay a paradise within paradise. © Marta Sahelices

Robert de Niro durante la ceremonia del sake en Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay.

Robert de Niro during the sake ceremony at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. © Marta Sahelices