A refuge for inspiration near the Himalayas


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The vastness of India will be much closer to you from this private shelter in the mountains of Kasar Devi, one of the highest points in the country in the historic city of Almora, 300 km from the Himalayas.

The Kumaon is that place to heal and rejuvenate the soul, a luxury boutique hotel surrounded by pine fragrances, fresh air and sun, located in a natural enclave that did not hesitate to visit mythical artists such as Bob Dylan . Is it possible that this place inspired you for any of his songs? We have no doubt.

The Kumaon, which opened its doors a year ago, has ten luxury villas perfectly integrated into the landscape, taking into account that it is located on a hill, so its structure is somewhat peculiar. A work done by the architect Geoffrey Bawa and Zowa Architects.

Un hotel boutique de lujo en el Himalaya.

A luxury boutique hotel in the Himalayas. © The Kumaon

The Kumaon is a modernist building although with the traditional touch of typical houses. A sanctuary designed to be as sustainable as possible, that's why the rooms are designed in pairs, one on top of the other and spread over the properties on different levels.

“The roof is made of fly ash bricks lined with bamboo canes to add a feeling of lightness. With a nod to the natives of the area, indigenous pine wood has been used in the doors and windows, in addition to copper and stone accessories handmade by local artisans, as is usually done here, ”they tell Traveler from The Kumaon .it is.

Un lugar ideal para ver las estrellas.

An ideal place to see the stars. © The Kumaon

Sustainability is another of the things that are taken seriously, proof of this is the rainwater collection system they have designed, which collects and transfers all the water to a large retention tank at the bottom of the hotel.

All rooms have bukharis that are wood-burning stoves to guarantee heat in winter, rotating glass walls from which to see the Himalayas and at night, the starry sky. In fact, it is a paradise for star watchers.

The main building houses a library, a lounge for reading by the fireplace, terraces for outdoor dining and yoga ; in addition to a gourmet restaurant with views of the mountain of Nanda Devi . There you can taste typical local dishes with products grown by themselves, from a freshly squeezed watermelon juice to a curried lamb.

Baño de una de las villas de lujo.

Bathroom of one of the luxury villas. © The Kumaon


The Kumaon not only stands out for its magnificent design, but for its location. From here the possibilities of knowing India are endless, you can start with Cranks Ridge, the hippie hill that leads to the Kasar Devi tempo, it is said that here many artists came to seek calm and inspiration. One of them was Bob Dylan.

If you are looking for something quiet and relaxing, walks in the woods and villages are the best option. The Kasar Devi trek to get to know the local life or the excursion to visit the Chetai temple that venerates Golu Dev . There the faithful make a wish and, if granted, return with a bell for the temple, that's why there are so many.

Another excursion from The Kumaon is to visit the Binsar prairie, to get to know the town of Kaparkhan and reach the famous Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, a protected nature reserve to observe brown bears and even leopards. Also the walk to know the capital, Almora, a city with a tradition of metal, where you can not miss a visit to your local market.

Alrededores de The Kumaon.

The Kumaon surroundings. © The Kumaon