With this Mexican photographer you will travel the most pop America


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Creativity is contagious. This happened to Paul Fuentes, son of a mother dedicated to graphic design and a musician, who was going to be surprised that the artist son did not come out? “My design and photography skills come from my mother. On the other hand, I have the patience, spontaneity and positive thinking of my father, ”he says.

This young man is the author of the photo that recreates the oldest operating McDonald's in the world and one of the first that the Dick and Mac brothers opened in California . And although more than 6, 000 followers is not bad for an Instagram account that has been open for two months, Paul Fuentes is best known for his work with Dior, Armani, Swatch or 20th Century Fox, and for his 220k followers in Paul Fuentes Desing, his First account in the social network .

This new adventure has followed the trail of the previous one, with lots of pink, animals and an unmistakable pop aesthetic, although that much more traveling than the previous one.

Flamencos en Florida.

Flamingos in Florida. © Paul Fuentes

"My work has allowed me to work from anywhere, so I have the opportunity to travel a lot and this is how this Instagram account is born." And in this way we can travel to a Florida motel to take a dip in a pool in the company of flamingos, share a room with two tigers during the Coachella festival or discover that there is also room for Art Deco on the beach in Miami Beach .

A shared post by Paul Fuentes (@paulfuentes_photo) on Apr 4, 2018 at 7:40 p.m. PDT

“For this new travel photography project I tried to take my style but to photography. It has a lot of detail in color, somehow minimalist, pop and a bit surreal too. I try to touch the same themes about animals and food but now in a different context, ”he explains to Traveler.es

It is real? It is a adulterated reality but yes, the trips are real, the only thing that sometimes appear in the set some figures that were not from the first moment. For the McDonald's photo, for example, he used three photos taken with a Nikon D750 : that of the restaurant, that of an old car and that of the background with the starry sky.

Palm Springs, California.

Palm Springs, California © Paul Fuentes

“I like places that have a certain vintage or retro vibe but that have color and life. My favorite places to take photos are the beach, the desert and houses of the 70s . I really just started this account so I haven't done a great tour with my camera, ”he adds.

This summer you will visit New York and Europe, and you are already looking for new locations to put a pop touch on. It is not surprising that we see a tiger running around the World Trade Center or some flamenco enjoying a shadow in a park in London .

Desierto de Mojave en Nevada.

Mojave Desert in Nevada. © Paul Fuentes