In these hanging cabins in Peru you can sleep closer to the stars


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What do you think it would be like to sleep 400 meters high ? Only you and the stars of the Peruvian sky. A unique but also real experience in the cabins of Skylodge Aventures Suites on the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in Peru.

A magical place that brings together adventure, incredible landscapes and history, near Machu Pichu and has numerous valleys and indigenous archaeological monuments.

“We wanted to offer a mountain experience to people who do not necessarily have climbing experience. A 'portaledge' - a hanging tent for climbers - with unimaginable comforts, ”tells, Natalia Rodríguez, SkyLodge manager.

Así son las Skylodge Aventures Suites.

So are the Skylodge Aventures Suites. © Natura Live

Hanging cabins, unique in the world, are made of glass, aerospace aluminum and polycarbonate, a weather-resistant material. In addition Natura Vive, the company that manages it, ensures that they are very safe and have a precision safety equipment.

The Skylodge are 1, 200 feet high and have a view of 300 degrees, so the panorama is assured. The three suites, which can accommodate eight people, have everything you need to feel comfortable: four beds, night lighting and even a separate bathroom for each of them.

Once up, it is worth enjoying Peruvian cuisine with dinner and breakfast, which can be around 700 euros in total, approximately.

La experiencia también es gastronómica.

The experience is also gastronomic. © Natura Live


The bad news of all this is that getting here is not easy, or at least for those who do not consider themselves spiritually adventurous and, much less, for those who suffer from Meniere's syndrome .

"Everyone lives a unique experience in their lives, also people who suffer from fear of heights, because it is a challenge to get there, " warns Natalia. “There are levels and levels of vertigo, but it is clear that if you have a very high level and are not able to climb two meters from the ground, it will be impossible for you to climb. It is the only restriction we have, ”he adds.

¿Te atreverías?

Would you dare © Natura Live

If the full experience is chosen, the Natura Vive team makes the transfer to the place where the ascent begins. Then, you have to dare with 400 meters of Via Ferrata along a bold road with the help of zip lines.

“Once you settle in, you will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the wild valley and, at night, the Milky Way, ” ends Natalia Rodríguez, SkyLodge manager.

While waking up awaits the ancient imperial capital of Cusco and the Inca citadel of the fifteenth century, Machu Picchu; an area declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

La suites tienen capacidad para 8 personas.

The suites can accommodate 8 people. © Natura Live