Furtivos, the Galician neotaberna that surprises in Ponzano


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With a neon of a barnacle in the window, it attracts, as if it were a lighthouse, the clueless sailors who seek to have fun eating around a bar. Yes, have fun. Because, friend, we are in full post-holiday rentrée and, if you suffer, like many of us, the dreaded 'back to school' syndrome (work, let's understand), it is best to cure the penalties by eating. And September comes loaded with news.

"What does it matter if they do not understand us as long as we remain faithful to our style, " say those who rule in Furtives. It is a whole declaration of intentions and what you will find there. His heart cannot deny that he is Galician, yes, but Furtivos has a traveling soul that is embodied in each of his creations. And that is what we like most: that, from a love for the tradition of lifelong dishes, they have revisited the kitchen with a cosmopolitan and contemporary twist.

After the elaboration of the letter is Pucho Landin and, if we tell you that it has passed through the kitchens of El Culler de Pau, Lúa, StreetXO and Barra Atlántica, you will understand perfectly what we talk about when we say that of combining Galician tradition and add touches thugs from the most international kitchens.

Prepárate a disfrutar…

Get ready to enjoy … © Stealth

Therefore, here forget to eat with a tablecloth, in an old-fashioned place and with protocol. In Poachers you eat at a bar and at high tables. And most importantly: “Our seafood comes from the same market as that of many Madrid restaurants. The difference is that here it is worth eight times less, ”says Pucho.

They want to end the stigma that paying homage to seafood has to be done at exorbitant prices. In fact, casual recipes and some more classic ones coexist on the menu, but always at the service of the fish market. “Every day I have to print new letters, ” says Pucho, pointing to the small printer under the bar.

There is a very good octopus à feira (what kind of Galician would they be if they did not have one?), Barnacles, croquettes of lacon and turnip greens "with the recipe of the grandmother" and other dishes like the croca of old cow with mackerel. But the really funny thing comes with other dishes on the menu: the white clams galithai with tom yum sauce, the Burela tartare with kimchi, strawberries and radishes …

And stay tuned because a change of menu is coming with news like the barnacle tortilla (not shrimp), the dim-sum of chocos in their ink or more raw fish-based dishes such as horse mackerel or mackerel and amazing dressings . The rest, we let you discover …

Los clásicos no pueden faltar

The classics cannot be missed © Sneaky


Because you will have a good time and the good hand of Pucho Landin in the kitchen. If we put together fun and good cooking, nothing can go wrong, right?


The wine list also deserves a mention. In addition to the house wine and their own (an Albariño made by Bodegas Villanueva), they have good Galician references and wines 'from abroad'. And let's understand that it was outside Galicia.

In addition, if you are left wanting more, go to El Arrogante, another place that they themselves run located at number 46 of the street, more focused on drinks, with a commercial letter that includes toasts, salads, broken eggs, etc. Of course, all homemade.


Address: 52 Ponzano Street

Hours: Tuesday to Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 8:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 8:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Telephone : 652.80.61.61

Average price : 20-25 euros