The best bars and cafes inspired by Harry Potter


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Ok, the bar to which Harry, Ron and Hermione go for Butterbeers on their trips to the town of Hogsmeade does not exist in the Muggle world , but that has not stopped fans of the magical world of JK Rowling who have recreated the bar to their own Way in different points of the planet.

Platform 1094, from Singapore, is the most recent proposal, but it is not the only one: from Mexico City to Melbourne, here are five of the best potterian bars.

Cáliz de Fuego

Goblet of Fire © DR


With two floors and 300 meters, entering Incantatum is like setting foot in the Weasley brothers' magic shop . This bar on Revolution Avenue is discreet on the outside, but inside it will not disappoint the most staunch fan of the series.

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With a decoration that seems fresh from Diagon Alley, Incantatum delights its patrons with two-for-one offers at Butterbeers every Tuesday and alcoholic tabletop Quidditch competitions.

Incantatum is the last offer, but not the only one, for Potter fans in the Mexican capital. The veteran is the restaurant El Caldero Chorreado, in Tlalpan, in addition to the bars El Callejón D and the Mesón de los Tres Magos, in the Narvarte neighborhood.

La copa de los Tres Campeones

The Three Champions Cup © Incantatum / Facebook


At first glance, The Lockhart, on Dundas Street West, does not look like a potterophilic bar. With its elegant and sober atmosphere, it looks more like a place where senior Toronto executives meet after work, rather than a tribute to Harry Potter.

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But once inside, any diehard fan will appreciate the subtle touches that allude to the magical world of Hogwarts - starting with the name, and following the decoration (which includes snakes and deer) and the cocktail menu, with creations like 'Ludo's Debt', 'Flying Ford Anglia' or 'The Shacklebolt'.

The Lockhart (which also has a branch in Montreal) is one of those bars that everyone will like - from super mega potterheads, to extreme Muggles.

The Lockhart

The Lockhart © DR


Melbourne, a coffee mecca, a cool city par excellence, has also wanted to get its own bar tribute to the magician boy . But with a particular detail: this bar appears and disappears.

It's true: The Firewhisky Inn is a pop-up bar, which means that it opens its doors periodically, borrowing the premises of the permanent Good Things bar in South Yarra. If you want to go, you will have to keep an eye on the calendar to make sure The Firewhisky Inn will have its doors open during your visit.

And if you have them, enjoy it to the fullest : rounds of firewhisky and potion multiplayer are served to mansalv a, in thematic glasses that you can take home at the end of the night - so, when you get up, you will have a physical sample that the night was real.

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Melbourne is not the only one: in the absence of its own space, Edinburgh has also found a way to honor the many local fans of JK Rowling with a pop-up bar, The Leaky Cauldron . More was missing: Rowling was a neighbor of the Scottish capital for years, and Harry himself was born in a café on George IV Bridge.

The Leaky Cauldron emerged at the end of November at The Union Bar and The Three Sisters, two bastions of the famous Cowgate Street, and lasted for a whole week. In addition to themed drinks, the bars presented a very tight schedule of activities, from Trivial sessions to table Quidditch competitions.

There are no dates planned for the next edition, but don't forget to keep an eye on the calendar of events at The Union Bar.

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Ah, South Korea. It is no secret that Korea is the world center of themed cafes and bars (with permission from Taiwan). It is also no secret that we are very fans of the creativity of the locals, ranging from Hello Kitty bars to Lego cafes .

Of course, Harry Potter can not miss in the mix. Daegu, the fourth largest city in the country, is the host of a namesake café in the favorite magical town of Hogwarts students: Hogsmeade.

Entering Hogsmeade, just outside the city, however, is like getting to the common room of Gryffindor. The banner of the most famous Hogwarts house presides over coffee, in which the presence of several notable Gryffindor is palpable: Harry's glasses, a 2000 Nimbus broom and Hermione's gyro. On the menu? Of course, the famous Butterbeer is the queen.

And what happens if you are not from Gryffindor ? No problem, the Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff have also found symbols of their home in Hogsmeade. Here, all potophiles are all welcome.

Thirsty for some Butterbeer? Grab your broom and hurry because Hogsmeade's got 'em! There are many #unique cafes in #Korea, and recently, we discovered some #HarryPotter themed cafes that would make fans' feel as if they just won the #house cup! Grab your broomstick, pinch of floo powder, or #portkey to visit these #magical places! #Hogsmeade # 호그 스미드 Located in Gyeongsan-si, nearby Daegu, the cafe is meticulously designed with Harry Potter accessories! Try on the robe, or wear the scarf of your house, play the Wizard's chess, and chill over a glass of butter beer & pumpkin tart! Visit these Harry Potter themed cafes and experience the magic in Korea! #VisitKorea #KoreaTourismOrganization #KoreaTourismOrganizationManilaOffice #KTOManila #KTO #SouthKorea #Korea A shared post by Erlyn Parcon @ (@erlynmorning) on ​​Mar 15, 2016 at 4:25 PDT