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"A truly restorative dream depends, in addition to duration, on continuity and depth . Understanding the impact of sleep on physical and mental health is more important than ever, " explains Dr. Clete Kushida, president of the World Society of Dream, which promotes this day. In fact, it is estimated that, in addition to the little rest we get - derived from our tendency to go to bed late and our belonging to a time zone that does not belong to us -, about 30% of the population has some of the manifestations of insomnia, 35% do not get to sleep even seven hours a day and only 59% wake up with the feeling of having rested well, according to the study Do we sleep enough Spanish?

Therefore, more and more hotels are striving to provide us with the best possible dream through different proposals. There are some truly ambitious ones, such as The Sleep Retreat, a little hotel in the green Hampshire countryside that proposes "sleep retreats . " They are based on psychological, physical, nutritional and social programs based on scientific evidence, which aim to change our routine and bring the newly acquired luxury of rest also to our day to day.

Un entorno perfecto para descansar

A perfect environment to rest © The Sleep Retreat

Without reaching that level of specialization, there are few accommodations that are involved in the pro-dream trend. The Westin New York, for example, has long been concerned about the issue, since its director observed that both those who travel for business and those who do it for pleasure, experienced a significant lack of sleep. "We had noticed a growing trend in wake up call requests at times that made it clear that our guests were not getting enough sleep, " says the manager.
For his part, Brian Povinelli, SVP and Global Brand Leader of Westin Hotels & Resorts, says: "Almost 65% of people sleep less hours when they travel. Therefore, encouraging travelers to sleep well and wake up better contributes to our commitment to the well-being of our guests, and to the growing understanding that sleep affects everything from productivity to happiness . " In fact, it is shown that sleep is essential for proper brain and motor functioning, and it is easy to realize why: thus, for example, the results of the aforementioned study showed that 87% of respondents improved their condition Cheer up after a good night's sleep.

La famosa Heavenly Bed, disponible incluso para comprar por particulares

The famous Heavenly Bed, available even to buy by individuals © Westin Hotels

"Our mission is to ensure that our guests leave the hotel feeling better than when they entered, even in" the city that never sleeps "and something as simple as a call can make a difference, " explains the director of Westin New York. Hence the germ of a service that, as of today, will also be implemented at the headquarters of Madrid, Valencia and Marbella, and which they have baptized as "call to sleep" . It provides guests with the possibility to set a reminder such as the wake up call, notifying the Service Express staff. They will schedule the time of the same according to the moment in which the guests should wake up the next day, and based on the recommendations of the World Dream Society.
Also, the hotel chain also tries to reduce the difficulty of sleeping well during the trip with the exclusive Heavenly bed, one of the most awarded in the industry, the new lavender balm Sleep Well, which customers find on the nightstand, the Sleep Well dinner, served in the room, and in the case of the New York headquarters, also white noise channels and soothing sounds.

In addition, from today until the end of April, it also launches a campaign on Instagram and Twitter encouraging all travelers to sleep as well as possible, sharing their moments of rest under the #SleepStrong label. Each time they do so, Westin will donate a euro to the World Dream Society, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote sleep health worldwide.

No es sólo dormir; es todo un ritual

It is not just sleep; it's a ritual © Westin Hotels

In the Six Senses Douro Valley they go even further, and make specialized and professional advice available to all guests. Thus, before arrival, the guest answers a questionnaire that allows hotel staff to know what their relationship with the dream is. From there, a Dream Ambassador, trained in the teachings of the prestigious sleep specialist Dr. Michael J. Breus, offers tools and advice to rest better.
"Each person is different and that is why for us it is very important to customize each client who chooses the Sleep with Six Senses sleep program, " explains Javier Suárez, Spa & Wellness Director of the hotel. "Our Dream Ambassador contacts the guest before arriving and sends him a form in order to make sure that the room is adjusted to the preferences of each person ( aroma, light, sound, temperature and humidity, type of almoahada, bath gels, shampoo, etc.), so that when the client arrives, everything is ready ".
In addition, the manager also explains the attention they pay to each of the details: "Our organic merino wool and latex mattresses have been specifically handcrafted for us to guarantee rest; the sheets of the program are made of cotton fiber and eucalyptus to ensure breathability, and I have to say that most of our clients sleep for ten . "

Las habitaciones del Six Senses Douro Valley están diseñadas para el descanso

The rooms of the Six Senses Douro Valley are designed for rest © Six Senses Douro Valley

But these items are not chosen at random: all the elements of the room have been carefully selected and tested over a period of 24 months by a team of Six Senses experts . Thus, we have opted for Naturalmat mattresses , Hanse organic pillows and comforters -which include natural breathing and cooling areas to guarantee the perfect temperature-, the sheets are designed by Beaumont & Brown, and the towels and bathrobes are made of Madison Collection

In addition, the package includes a sleeping bag with bamboo fiber pajamas (made of this material for its "lightness and self- perspiration capacity", according to the director), mask, a breathable T-shirt, a USB with videos with Dr.'s advice Breus and Withings' Aura Sleep application, a sleep monitoring app whose results are reviewed with a Six Senses health specialist during a 30-minute individualized consultation. In fact, these professionals are also on call during the day to help and provide advice and support.

Dedícate al relax día y noche

Devote yourself to relax day and night © Six Senses Douro Valley

"In these two months since we launched the program, they have asked me all kinds of questions, but most of them are about the most appropriate type of mattress or pillow, the most suitable foods to better fall asleep and what type of exercise is more favorable for a good rest, "recalls the director, who reminds us that, apart from diagnosed medical conditions, there are five reasons why people do not sleep well.

They are summarized in five: having too many worries that prevent you from disconnecting; the fact that your partner snores ; that your hormones have changed (refers to estrogen and progesterone); that you go to bed with an empty stomach or too full and that there is ambient noise . The good thing is that, in the Six Senses Douro Valley (located in the beautiful Douro Valley, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO ), you will not have to worry about any, because they have even thought about the inconvenience of your partner snoring, including plugs in your sleeping bag.

Un entorno calmante

A soothing environment © Six Senses Douro Valley

El Westin Marbella invita a la relajación

The Westin Marbella invites you to relax © Westin Hotels