These women are the great promises of gastronomy in Spain


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The reason for that meeting? The II International Meeting of Socialist Women, which also served for Clara Zetkin and Käte Duncker (two German policies) to present the proposal to commemorate an International Women's Day. And so on, until today.

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The most influential women on the planet of gastronomy

And what does this have to do with our cuisine? Well, I'm afraid that - unfortunately - it makes perfect sense in the world: the wage gap remains stagnant at 16% and our sector (the gastronomic: restaurants, kitchens, bars and markets) remains, let's be clear once, one of the most unfortunate examples of this reality that it is so difficult for us to accept; It is called inequality . There is a painful example that has blown up all my alarms while preparing this article: there is no ( I insist, no ) female finalist in the most important contest for the cooks of the future. Any. At the 2017 Fusion Chef Revelation Award in Madrid, seven kids arrived and it was Jesús Moral, from Miguel's Tavern, who took the cat to the water.

Nor was there a female trail in the 2015 edition, nor in 2014 . Niente Yes in 2016, but one of them ( Ana Merino de Mont Bar ) informs us that “she has left the world of cooking”, we only have María José Martínez de Lienzo, at the bottom of the canyon. She was one of the protagonists of one of our happiest editorial pieces: The most influential women of the Gastronomy Planet . Thirty examples of talent, effort and intelligence.

Today we bet on what will come, for a handful of women who (we have no doubt) will have many things to say in the next gastronomy.


Rakel, the next hurricane. Rakel, cook and owner of the Karak restaurant (which eye, opened with twenty-two years) in the neighborhood of El Carmen, is entrenched these weeks behind the curtains of Top Chef. My bet? It will be the winner . And it will be because beyond the momentum, tattoos and noise; She is a cook with travel and talent. I hope we see it .

Rakel Cernicharo, el huracán que viene

Rakel Cernicharo, the hurricane that comes © Restaurante Karak


The winner of the Promises of Haute Cuisine award from Le Cordon Bleu Madrid (one of the key focuses to understand the future of our cuisine) is from Valladolid, it is called Marina de la Fuente (eye: twenty-three years old ) and is a cooking student at IES Diego de Praves . The jury was led by Don Pedro Subijana and we have no doubt about the wonderful future that awaits him (and therefore) .

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid

Marina of the Villamediana Fountain © Le Cordon Bleu Madrid


We said it: the Maca revolution that won't take long to explode - you'll see. Maca, 'la Mallorquina', spiritual daughter of Hilario Arbelaitz (Zuberoa) and owner (and cook) of the Garden restaurant with her brother Dani; in love with Uruguay (they move to the Garden by Sarava in Maldonado the winter months) and the product, there is no cook who does not draw a smile on her face when talking about Maca. We love her so much. But much.

Maca de Castro

Maca de Castro © Garden Restaurant


We already named her in that Young chefs to watch in 2016, but I can't shut up: I admire Carito. I admire his tenacity, his elegance and his commitment to professionalism without an iota of cynicism or hypocrisy; She is not here to step on anyone, she is simply here to be the best baker in the world. It will be.

Carito Lourenço

Carito Lourenço © Mikel Ponce / Montagud Editores


The headline is simple with Beatriz: she is still the only woman with a Michelin star in Galicia. Beatriz (a native of Ardán-Marín in Pontevedra) was also Cook of the year 2008 in the contest organized by Alimentaria - and by the way the only woman selected among the 80 finalist chefs throughout Spain; a little sad the picture, right? Anyway, let's continue: Beatriz is part with Xoán Crujeiras of the A Estación restaurant team at the old train station in Cambre, and her bet is the well-understood tradition. Bravo.

Beatriz Sotelo

Beatriz Sotelo © A Station


Less than a year ago The Guardian made a bet on the future of Spanish cuisine called Spain's hot restaurants - and among its five envies were Ana Merino and our María José Martínez (from the Lienzo restaurant, finalist of Madrid Fusión and "absolute winner" in voting on social networks). Tenacious and incorruptible, Murcia is the path of humility, camaraderie and curro without looking at the clock's hours .

María José Martínez (Lienzo)

María José Martínez (Canvas) © DR


"My mission as a cook is to connect people with nature." What a beautiful mission, right? Iolanda Bustos, from his restaurant La Calèndula in Bajo Ampurdán, strongly believes in the values ​​of ancestral cuisine and biodynamics (and why fool ourselves: me too); much more than a cook - an alchemist. Its flag is the ecosystem, flowers and balance: hopefully more faithful in your creed, Iolanda .

Iolanda Bustos

Iolanda Bustos © DR

See 53 photos

The most influential women on the planet of gastronomy