Addicted to Instagram, science is on your side


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On Instagram we find travelers hashtags, accounts to leave everything and go to the mountain or admire how people relax in natural paradises. If you are one of those who travel capturing everything around them (feet no, thanks), this recent study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, interests you.

Cómo hacer las mejores fotos de vacaciones con tu móvil

How to make the best holiday photos with your mobile © Corbis.

Depending on the results obtained, stopping to take a picture can improve certain experiences for the author of the images. Until reaching these conclusions, as we read in the American version of the Huffington Post, more than 2000 individuals were observed in nine different situations such as: enjoying a meal, watching a Rihanna concert, making crafts or walking through a museum. For each experiment, the researchers separated people into groups with and without a camera. After the activity they completed a questionnaire on how they had enjoyed the activity. The study also showed that the participants who took photos were more attentive to the theme of their photos. Check the results of the study here.