Toy Panda: for dim sum addicts in Madrid


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Cantonese food and, in particular, its version of tapas in small snacks wrapped in steamed or fried rice or wheat tapas live a great moment in Madrid. The last to join this trend and quench the addiction for dim sums is Toy Panda, a cozy place in Espiritu Santo street that offers on-site service, but also puts all the comforts for those who want to take it home or even try Move from home and ask from their website .

Toy Panda, abre la puerta a las delicias japonesas

Open the door to Japanese delicacies © Toy Panda

His letter is brief, as they should always be, but perfect to satisfy addicts and just so that those who do not yet know one of the main dishes of Cantonese cuisine discover it. The biggest offer is dim sums, but there are also salads and baths (spongy Chinese bread sandwiches), which in Toy Panda have given it a very traditional tour with fried squid.

Bao bun de Toy Panda

Bao Tiger © Toy Panda


We could list the entire letter. Since it is short. But above all you have to go for the fresh shrimp Xiajiao or the Xiao Long Bao, which you have to take a bite to make the soup explode in your mouth. And to complete? A bao of tempura tiger (top!).


Although small, the Toy Panda store in the middle of Malasaña open to Espiritu Santo street invites you to sit down to eat there quietly. But if what you want is to wander in your house they have their own delivery service.

Toy Panda

The 'dimsumadicto' paradise © Toy Panda


Address: Calle Espiritu Santo, 7 Madrid

Telephone: 917 72 80 28

Hours: Monday to Thursday (13: 30-16: 30 and 20: 30-23: 30), Friday (13: 30-17: 00 and 20: 30-00: 30) and weekends (13:00 -00: 00)

Average price: 12 euros

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