Tell me what kind of traveler you are and I will tell you what you can not miss in your suitcase


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If you are one of those …

Jumping was never on your wish list, even when it became fashionable; You are not a great friend of roller coasters, and you do not understand people who are going on vacation to destinations where they seem to be screaming to be kidnapped. When you travel, your group of friends sometimes takes you out of your mind with their thoughtless choices, but then you are glad that they see in you a lighthouse, a guide, a person to whom you can ask for an Allen key in the middle of the desert. You also like to have a good time, of course, but in the most sensible way possible, and that means being sure that nothing will go wrong (or, at least, you will try by all means so).

Your suitcase needs …

Your suitcase, the most indestructible on the market (you know it, you have thoroughly investigated it) is " the paradise of the hypochondriac, " according to your family. But then well that everyone comes to you to ask for an ibuprofen when you are riding a pedal boat and the coast is no longer visible. In fact, it is you who carries every document necessary to move abroad, the certified copies of the ID of each group member (you had to go to make them yourself, of course) and even a small multilingual dictionary, so it can happen . You wear a watch, and it is obviously Swiss (you know that they are the most reliable), as well as an external charger for all types of devices. Your bedside book when you travel is Live! (you like to prepare for the worst, but the worst really) and in your suitcase Piz Buin Allergy is never missing, which protects even the most sensitive skin from the harmful effects of the sun thanks to its formula developed under the control of dermatologists, which It combines advanced UVA / UVB and Calmanelle ™ sunscreens. No prevention is little!


"I don't say I don't like this, it's just that I'm worried about not wearing a life jacket …" © Corbis

If you are one of those …

You are one of those who knows when he leaves, but not when he returns. The hotel booking is not your favorite sport: who knows what the night will hold for you? Better not close to possible options! You like exotic destinations, preferably those that make your mother scream "but what have you missed there" . And the thing of getting lost, talking about everything a bit, you don't get bad either, although in reality it is not that you do not find the way, it is that you are "leaving the tourist routes" . One more excuse, like any other, to talk to the gas truck. If the gas is where you are, of course.

Your suitcase needs …

You carry an Eagle Creek Load Warrior . The "warrior" thing, you think, comes as a ring to your finger, because it's like you: diverse, mobile and multifunctional . In other words: it expands to store all the craft souvenirs you have bought! Also, never leave home without this solar charger / flashlight which, as it is so cool, works even with the lunar light. How else would you be sure to check the Traveler guides at any time? But it is not the only literature you carry: you adore The innocent anthropologist, a funny book (makes you laugh out loud), evocative and unpredictable about the cultural clash between an English scientist and an African tribe. And, of course, Protect & Cool by Piz Buin, a refreshing solar mousse, so light that it seems that you do not carry anything, and above all, safe, because it provides an effective and immediate protection against UVA / UVB rays while you worry so just to live your joyful adventures around the world.

¡Que el día te descubra haciendo cualquier cosa inesperada!

May the day discover you doing anything unexpected! © Corbis

If you are one of those …

You are one of those people who make a Madrid-New York and get off the plane like who comes out of the shower : radiant. For you it is normal, but you must know, oh miracle of nature, that the rest of the mortals will leave the apparatus as if they had been on the planet the one in which one day amounted to seven years on Earth, or something equal to exaggerated. You have not even noticed it because you are too accustomed to perfection (yours), and that is why you try to surround yourself with objects and places that are at your height: restaurants where you can practice food porn, design hotels (or hostels), modern art galleries … It's not that you love the good life, it's that you wouldn't know how to handle yourself in another.

Your suitcase needs …

Being always perfect requires certain rituals, which you fulfill with delight. That's why you use Clarins Haute Exigence Multi-Intensive day and night treatments ("high demand", for those who, unlike you, don't know French ), and, you know how to choose the best. If you are a girl, we talk about the most flattering swimsuit of the season (and you have it already, although there are thousands of those who have not found it), and if you are a boy, the suitcase-suitcase, an invention that you obviously have not overlooked . However, your favorite luggage is from Rimowa : a brand with history, classy, ​​timeless and, if that were not enough, it marks a tendency (you get chills just by reading it: it seems that they are describing you ). To shine on the beach, Olympus reserved only for certain gods, you choose Piz Buin Instant Glow, a solar spray with a touch of color that contains tiny particles that reflect the light and illuminate your skin with a beautiful and subtle golden flash while protecting yourself.

La que es ideal, lo es en cualquier circunstancia

Which is ideal, it is in any circumstance © Corbis

If you are one of those …

Life is so absolutely full of things that require your attention that you find it very difficult to concentrate on just one. What are you going to Vietnam? " Why not take the opportunity to visit all Indochina? " You ask. What do you invite a weekend to Warsaw? "We can also see Prague! " There is nothing that seems impossible to you and that, which is wonderful, also makes you lose the north a little at times (no, it does not give you time to see Warsaw and Prague on a weekend, no matter how close they are on the map ). However, although I am distressed at not being able to travel every corner of the city before catching the plane back, you are a great travel company that could recite all the shops that have become fashionable, all the neighborhoods that have gentrified and each of the latest travel trends.

Your suitcase needs …

What is your suitcase like? Well, smart !: Recharge your mobile, it has an integrated GPS so you can find it at all times and it has a digital screen that serves as information and prevents a badly attached label from sending it to the other side of the world. Of course, you never forget to take your smartphone with you, you know by heart all the tricks to make the most of Google Maps (you don't have time to get lost!) And you have installed the Google Translator, especially since it is available offline. But back to the suitcase: inside you carry your Kindle Voyage with enemy Cosmetics, a book that is developed, of course, in an airport. It's from Amélie Nothomb, as urban, incisive and direct as you. Ah! And, as you always go in a hurry, you never forget Piz Buin Tan & Protect, which increases the production of the tanning pigment of the skin up to 70% thanks to its formula with Melitane, safely accelerating the natural tanning process.


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