38 things you'll always remember about Interrail


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1) Search for hours in forums and websites schedules, tips and itineraries recommended. Finish with the saturated head of information on Ljubljana-Zagreb trains and ferries between Italy and Athens.

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2) Discuss the route infinitely with fellow travelers . Leaving with great sorrow a destination that you fancy a lot thinking "next time I will go". Since then you have not been 100 kilometers away from that place.

3) Generate hatred in travelers who have formed a queue behind you while you ask in an Renfe window your infinite list of doubts.

4) Make the backpack quickly, try it, hallucinate with the weight and immediately undo it and leave half of the things at home.

5) Buy several travel guides overflowing with information to end up carrying wrinkled photocopies of the main destinations that as the days go by are illegible so groped.

6) Prepare some packets of albal paper with varied sausages to go pulling the first days of travel. That, consequently, the clothes smell like chorizo ​​and Manchego cheese.

7) The nerves of the principle that lead to check once and a thousand times that you are on the right platform and make sure again by asking the reviewer the destination of the train.

Acabarás derrotado. Y TAN FELIZ.

You will end up defeated. AND SO HAPPY. © Photo by Abbie Bernet on Unsplash

8) Save and be aware of the ticket as if it were life in it . Knowing someone who has lost him during the trip and feeling that life is really going on it.

9) Make a boat with friends to share expenses and that at the end of the experience is saturated with different countries currencies and compete in weight with the backpack.

10) Wash the socks and underwear by hand with a bar of Lizard soap in the toilets of the shelter or station.

11) That those same socks and underwear do not dry on time and take them tied to the backpack with bizarre techniques to ventilate while walking.

12) The furious hatred it feels to discover that the toilets of a station are paid.

En el arte de hacer tu macuto estará tu triunfo o tu fracaso

In the art of making your briefcase will be your triumph or your failure © Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

13) The look of strangeness when meeting people over 30 (always foreigners) who are also doing the Interrail.

14) Stand up as a world pop star on a European tour: What country are we in today? And here is euro?

15) That someone suffers the drama of the gel canister that opens and permeates half a backpack. Curses and sufferings, but lesson learned for the remains.

16) Make a mess with successive currency exchanges . Mentally bless the existence of the euro and wonder how people who made the same trip in the 90s managed.

17) Sleep on night trains to save a shelter night. Waking up at the beginning as if out of one of those plastic balls that throw down the hills with crazy people inside and at the end of the trip ride the stall in the seat with the experience of a wanderer of the Great Depression.

Dormir en trenes nocturnos: siempre que se pueda

Sleep on night trains: whenever possible © Corbis

18) Discover with great sorrow that this intimate childhood friend and you have very different visions of what a trip has to be.

19) Discover with great joy that this acquaintance who did not feel much like you signed up for the trip and you sympathize perfectly.

20) Identify each city with the experience that was lived in it. Ergo, if in Ghent it rained horribly or in Dresden it was very difficult to find accommodation, you don't remember them with love.

21) That the improvisation plan not to go by reservation, but to arrive and find accommodation on the go always goes well until the last stage of the trip ends in a city that is in full parties. Do not find a shelter or a free bed in any corner and go around the center with your backpack in a curse aloud.

22) Bring a repertoire of music (on tape, CD or MP3, depending on the time) that is supposedly abundant and varied. End up hating each and every one of those songs.

23) Prisoner of thrifty eagerness, sleeping in seasons . Remember a lot about that inflatable neck pillow that your parents urged you to wear and you refused.

24) Be clueless to sneak into the first car .

El chacachá del tren

The train chacachá © Corbis

25) Share food and snacks with wagon partners. Look with envy at those who eat something delicious and do not share.

26) Go carting a two liter bottle that is filled in public fountains and faucets of the accommodation with uneven results.

27) Meeting with other Spanish travelers who tell even the smallest detail of their porrera / psychedelic experience in Amsterdam.

28) Be one of them.

29) That the slogans of the stations become your safe, best resource and close friends.

30) Realize that it is impossible to travel through Europe without visiting World War II scenarios.

31) Make a list of the days of free admission to the favorite museums you want to visit and match them with the itinerary of the trip.

32) If you travel alone, enjoy the experience a lot until the longest train journeys or dinners arrive at the hostels, at which time human interaction is a little longed for and is used to socialize.

33) Notice the difference between the first-time traveler and the expert : when the first one enters a train so full that you have to sit on the ground or spend hours standing in the blasphemous hallway and protest; the expert sighs with resignation and starts doing sudoku.

34) Listen many times, throughout the trip, the same jokes about the Trans-Siberian, Murder in the Orient Express, and the song El chacachá del tren de El Consorcio.

35) Review the stored photos in the pauses and feel that those taken a week ago in front of the Louvre are centuries ago.

36) The liberating feeling of throwing away old and used clothing as the journey progresses.

37) If the final return trip is made by plane, suddenly feel as if the future has been reached and the European railway network is very much missed.

38) Add so many adventures and adventures in 20 days of travel that on the return it seems that a life has passed.

Un viaje que cunde más que una vida

A journey that extends more than a life © Corbis

* Originally published on March 24, 2014 and updated on January 9, 2019

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