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Traveling is not my life . I wrote my first article for Traveler exactly two years ago, and also on trips was that first page for the printed edition of Vanity Fair (rainy afternoons at the Serengeti and nights at Mombasa Beach) on March 15, 2011.

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It does not come to mind, but since then I have not undone the suitcase ; still there, asleep on the guest bed, the zipper open and some inner shirt still folded inside, waiting for the next destination. Weekly. And again.

I travel tirelessly. And how much I'm tired of traveling - this is usual, I buy a ticket to an abandoned city (for me) I know, Bilbao.

I will buy a ticket as soon as I send this article (or maybe I will draw up a Spotify list thinking about the journey by car) without being very clear where or how or what or with whom : I may see Eneko, a good friend with whom I want to return to sit down Run in front of the estuary. Smile before Puppy. Surrender to the nakedness of Nerua. Kick The Seven Streets. Remember her.

Another destination: Rome. Procastino I cross this huge cover in the middle of this A4 of six hundred words.

I have decided (I am deciding) I will go to Rome to walk the streets and bars, the hot springs of Caracalla and the Colosseum, Piazza Navona and the sad sunrises of Jep Garmbardella, and hopefully I will remember that I sometimes forget: "Intelligenza, meaning, senso e cuore: questo è l´importante ", there may be an article there.

Maybe not. What else will it give. If In fund, è just a trucco.

La Co(o)rniche

"They tell me that this is not travel, it is to flee" © La Co (o) rniche © Philippe García

They tell me that this is not traveling, it is running away . That (damn Unamuno) "travels not to seek destiny but to flee from where it leaves" and that fear does not stay at home or at the boarding gate.

Well, it serves me; to escape from us, then we have the other.

The treasure chest: the books we have read, the unforgettable wines, the movies and the songs, the pushpins on the map and what they learned on each trip; that private, intimate, non-transferable treasure. The real treasure, that which will not be detected by any scanner, will freely cross all customs and borders.

And now, a confession. Traveling was never a priority - not a wish, nor what I wanted to do "when I grew up." I was not from Eramus, I gave up the end-of-course trip because I preferred a plate with an ampli and four vinyls . Tails bore me, I hate tourism and get dizzy on sailboats. I hate vacations, cruises, full board and nightclubs in Ibiza.

But traveling, you see, I have learned to unlearn (the most difficult lesson), I learned to shut up and listen. To look at things with new eyes; to be alone and to move: the action kills the grief.

I learned to read the constellations (Perseus, the Big Dipper, the Cassiopeia) on the terrace of a closed bar today, in the twilight of a love and the beginning of something new. Something better. I also learned (a good friend taught me) that Mexican saying: "the bird is not from the nest in which it is born, but from the sky in which it flies" .

So leave the phone, close the book, for a moment. Look at a map and choose a destination . Stop excuses (money, time, "your" doubts, disappointments and fatigue) and buy a ticket. Pack your bag, close the zipper and retrieve that careless book. Travel light, but travel. Get drunk with life.

Discover - it is not easy - that everything is not said, that there are islands to conquer. There is a world out there full of treasure chests; overflowing with secrets, liturgies, friends, tenderness and affection. Chests waiting for the pirate you were (because you were) to claim your loot.

Have a nice trip, pirate.

Viaje a Darjeeling

Why we travel © DR

* Article originally published on March 6, 2014 and updated on October 29, 2018

See 21 photos

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