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We have just passed the equator, but there will be those who, on August 15, consider that they have a white letter to start talking with impunity at the end of the summer .

The most pessimistic will say that it is already beginning to be noticed that the days are shorter and the nights a little cooler, while the haters of heat and summer (because yes, they also exist) rub their hands, there is less left for their Favorite time of the year.

And those who went on vacation in June and July? At this point some have them so forgotten that they also give the summer period practically finished.
Fortunately there are those who have just started them or will do so very soon, those who still have the whole summer ahead. And let's not talk about the patients who have chosen to leave in September.

For them and for all the optimists who are reluctant to let the summer go, at least until its official end (September 23) we have prepared a list of the four essential elements to continue enjoying a summer soak.


One of the best ways to squeeze out the summer to the fullest is on a board practicing what has become one of the water sports par excellence: paddle surfing. We know that a table can occupy more than desired, so it is best that you get an inflatable.

The Bestway kit also includes the hand pump, a backpack, a safety rope and a repair set. It measures 310x86x15 centimeters, supports up to 140 kilos and is made of ultra-resistant plastic, so you only have to worry about looking for a place to get on your board. In addition, it is available with a 40 percent discount.

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They should be an essential element for any vacationer worth his salt, but how many times have we lamented how good it would have been for us to have some booties on hand? DoGeek's are made of an elastic fabric that breathes, prevents the foot from being depressed and dries very quickly. The insole, made of thermoplastic elastomer, allows the shoe to be easily rolled up. While the sole is very resistant and non-slip.

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To practice water sports, to go to the beach or to those boat trips in which you never have all with you that the water does not reach your belongings. As tranquility is priceless, it is best to get a waterproof bag .

This is made of PVC and has a closing mechanism that makes the interior completely waterproof. It has a capacity of up to 20 liters and is accompanied by a special mobile phone bag and a smaller one that is attached to the waist.

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Electronic elements and water have been intimate enemies for decades, but never again. With HOMSCAM wireless headphones you can listen to music on the shore or by the pool, because they are designed to tolerate water (rain, sweat, splashes …).

They have up to 4 hours of autonomy per charge and about ten meters of stable connection. In addition, they are especially lightweight and incorporate rubber plugs to ensure they adapt perfectly to all ear sizes. For something they are the best rated on Amazon .

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