Alvaro Morte: actor, globetrotter and winner of the Unconquerable GQ Awards 2019


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On May 29, GQ España magazine rewarded excellence, avant-garde, bravery, commitment and demand in the second edition of the Unconquerable GQ Awards, an ode to the work of celebrities that best fit the style of header life.

During the gala, which was held in the Villanueva by Eneldo space and passed between smiles and wine glasses from Mar de Frades, we did not want to miss the opportunity to interview one of the winners: Álvaro Morte, better known as 'The Professor', thanks to the La Casa de Papel series.

Álvaro Morte, también conocido como El Profesor

Álvaro Morte, also known as The Professor © GQ España

“It makes me very excited, especially because I wanted to extend it to all my colleagues and because we have shown that in Spain we can do very avant-garde things, ” said Morte gratefully.

Beyond the brilliant interpretation of the role of leader of the band of thieves that the Mint and Doorbell Factory docks in the renowned Spanish series La Casa de Papel - which has triumphed internationally -, has also been part of productions such as the film During the Storm or the Embarcadero, in addition to having its own theater company called 300 Pistols.

Awarded in the category 'Vanguard' -which has as its banner the philosophy “who does not risk, does not win” -, the actor defends that good values ​​are essential to achieve personal success. "What does it matter if we are better or worse actors, better or worse directors, if we are not better people, " said Álvaro Morte during the evening.

But not only that, but he also confessed another of his great passions: travel. And not only off the screen: "Being able to travel in time, even in a fictitious way, that's what I like most about my profession . "

“The Paper House has marked a before and after in my career. It has helped me to face vertigo in many ways and enjoy it, ”he adds. And even if he feels shame to recognize him, The Professor is one of his favorite roles, in addition to having received several awards for him.

Apart from traveling through Spain, Thailand, Panama and Italy to shoot the last season of this series (which premieres on July 19), Álvaro Morte also travels a lot for pleasure, "although less than he would like."

El Profesor de 'La Casa de Papel'

The Teacher of 'The Paper House' © Atresmedia

The actor prefers urban destinations, being London the one that has marked him the most, due to the connection of the English city with the world of theater. Based in Madrid and a regular at the Barrio de Las Letras, he recommends visiting his favorite Madrid restaurant: Pólvora . "The cheesecake is spectacular, " he says.

And in the city where he was born, Algeciras (Cádiz), believes that it is essential to try the fish of the Fishermen's Association, in their neighborhood. “It's a simple place but it has the freshest fish in all of Spain. With any dish that you put on the table, you are going to fall in love, ”he says.

And what about the sea? Without a doubt, her favorite beach is Cabo Roche. Model Mark Vanderloo, actress Ivana Baquero, actor Miguel Ángel Muñoz, singer-songwriter Leiva, the cast of the iconic Cuéntame series or rugby player Jaime Nava were some of the witnesses to this unforgettable event.

Ganadores de los Premios GQ Inconquistables 2019

Winners of the Unconquerable GQ Awards 2019 © GQ España