Virgin beaches and total privacy: here are the vacations you always dreamed of

Close your eyes: Where do you imagine this summer? Are there in your dream white beaches of turquoise waters? Huge villas with balconies from which you could almost touch the ocean? Do you see yourself in a hammock that hangs between two palm trees? Are you being served a glass of the best champagne? In that case, come on a trip with us, because we have the same aspirations as you: find the most luxurious resorts in the world, those where intimacy is total, so total that they are in private islands.

This is all you can do to feel Coco Chanel at the Ritz

This is all you can do to feel Coco Chanel at the Ritz

Toyota 2000 GT: Bond car, James Bond

A two-seater at the service of His Graceful Majesty

Flying over Tuscany: the video that will discover its beauty from the air

Tuscany is a love story from which you cannot escape. And even less if it is a drone view (and with an unexpected outcome).

The best hotels for a trip to Asia

Asia AHEAD Awards granted on March 15 in Singapore the awards for the best hospitality, design and experience projects of Asia 2018. These are the best hotels to visit the continent.

Four travelers are looking to travel Europe this summer

Rarely did the prospect of working during the summer sound so appealing.

Nostalgia for London inspired the embroidery of this artist

If you have traveled to London or England you will surely remember the food you tried, its supermarkets full of addictive food and its packaging so characteristic and recognizable no matter how far you are from there.

Chinchón: escape to a gastronomic treasure of Madrid

A few kilometers from Madrid, Chinchón is a cultural and gastronomic treasure in which lovers of history, wine tourism and even movie stars have set themselves.

Traveler Agenda (March 23, 24 and 25)

Cultural plans for a different weekend

Six museums in Paris you should know

Six alternatives to the Louvre-Orsay-Pompidou triangle

Six experiences for true animal kingdom lovers

Adrenaline, tenderness, emotion, impression. If you are in love with animals, you will understand me. Being able to experience first-hand that contact with wildlife and know their behavior always makes travel experiences even more impressive.

Could you live 100 days alone on the mountain?

José Díaz did it, he freed himself from the frantic pace we live, from everything unnecessary and "he was very happy." He tells it in the documentary '100 days of solitude'.

Waking up 'the Turkish passion' in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Its mysticism and the wonderful stories about the civilizations that once inhabited it make it a destination to fall in love and fall in love. The sunsets over the Marmara Sea, the walks through its streets full of history and the exotic aromas that flood the city promise a memorable trip.

' Lykke & 039 ;, the secret of Danish happiness in seven life-changing projects

Meik Wiking is director of the International Institute of Studies on Happiness, in addition to the author of the bestselling Hygge, happiness in small things, that manual that made us fall in love even more with Nordic life. Now he seduces us again with Lykke, in search of the happiest people in the world.

' The Collection & 039 ;: the houses of Madrid where you want to live

Kronos Homes presents ' The Collection & 039 ;, the new project that will unite design and architecture in the Madrid neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro.

This is the highway that crosses the border between Mexico and California

I-8 crosses the state of California from east to west to the edge of Mexico: this is border tourism or a journey to understand the world.

Erratic-eclectic journey through German design

Schwäbisch Gmünd, Frankfurt, Weimar and Berlin: starting points (and end points) in terms of German design.

There is a bar (and a pizzeria) in the middle of the ocean and it is in Fiji

Turquoise waters, wood-fired pizzas, background house music, Balinese beds to relax while you caress the sun ... If this is not paradise, it seems.

Amelia Island Concours d ' Elegance, the appointment of classic cars

Elegance is assured in a contest in which unique collectibles compete

Pachamama, the Bastille of Paris was never so close to Latin America

Latin America has never been so present in a restaurant in Paris like Pachamama, the new Parisian club located at 46 Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, in the Latin Quarter.

And the world's first craft beer hotel will be ... in Scotland!

Madness and love for beer have no limit, as do the ideas for living a beer experience. Have you ever dreamed of a cool beer dispenser in your hotel room? In DogHouse you will not cry in sadness every time you open the minibar and see a bottle of water and some pistachios, there is quality here.

This is the Festival in Barcelona you should go to if you like beer

If you like to try different beers in the world, you love artisan above all and you never say no to one more, you have an appointment this weekend in Barcelona.

Chef Markus Sämmer points to the vanlife and tells it in a book

A lot of stress accumulated in haute cuisine, a one-way ticket to Australia and the return to nature result in an experiential and delicious recipe book

Why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with green and beer

This is how the Irish party that we like the most originated. If you want, you can also celebrate it in Madrid.

Travel in search of the muses ...

The great artists of painting found in these destinations the inspiration required by their genius and creativity

Tour the Iceland of Game of Thrones with Ser Bronn de Aguasnegras

With a donation for the conservation of whale and dolphin habitat by the WDC organization, you can win a trip to Iceland to enter beyond the Wall

Traveler Agenda (March 16, 17 and 18)

Cultural plans for a different weekend

Barceló Imagine, the new musical hotel in Madrid

Big's iconic piano welcomes music lovers who cross the doors of the Barceló Imagine, a hotel whose theme revolves around the music that Madrid has marked. Thus, each of its plants is inspired by a genre, which ranges from jazz to flamenco, to pop, rock and, of course, also moves through the Madrid movement.

What artwork do your photographs look like?

What tones do your photographs have? And what works of art resemble them by colors? This is what you can discover with the new Google Arts experiment: Art Palette.

These hotels will inspire you to get away this Holy Week

Holy Week offers us a traveler oasis again before summer, one that we are eager to take advantage of. To do so, and with a stiletto, we go through ten hotels in Spain and Europe that are pure inspiration, and that make perfect getaways.

Naples in miniature: the video to enjoy it from a perspective you didn't know

Because Naples is much more than its incredible pizzas, we get lost in its streets at the blow of ' mini video '

' Atlas of the places that do not exist & 039 ;, the book of the destinies that hopefully would come true

Impossibly beautiful illustrations, strokes full of sensitivity and texts to reflect on. Turn pages that we dream today to travel

Do we travel along the cliffs of the Algarve? This is the route 'two seven suspense vouchers'

Sun, sea, endless panoramas and Algarve, this last word says almost everything. What does Portugal have that attracts us so much? 'Percurso dos sete suspensos vouchers' is another proof of this, a route that runs between Praia da Marinha to Praia de Vale Centeanes.

The Ford Thunderbird of ' Thelma and Louise & 039 ;, a convertible symbol of female liberation

The mythical car with which its protagonists undertook an epic flight forward will always be associated with the empowerment of women

The most famous luxury trains in the world

The ranking of the five most popular among millionaires

Cubanito and Paradiso: the hotels that will revolutionize Ibiza

A concept comes to fruition when communicated directly and explicitly. A visual effect leaves a mark when it manifests itself loud and clear. And the new hotels in Ibiza, Cubanito and Paradiso, are the true proof of that.

Traveler Agenda (March 9, 10 and 11)

Cultural plans for a different weekend

Egypt in a week

We rolled the blanket to the head to make the classic tour of Egypt: four days of cruise on the Nile from the south of the country and three in its capital, Cairo. As you know, this country is full of history on all four sides, and its highlights are shaped like mummies, temples, pyramids, hieroglyphs and mosques. There is much to see, so watch out, there will be no truce in this plan!

And the least visited countries in the world are ...

And you? How many of these unknown places have you visited?

Tell me what your father is like and I'll tell you where to escape for Father's Day

If you like Scandinavian design, do not sign up for an Italian cooking course. Take note of these suggestions and you will be sure

Travel by cruise, the closest you will be to now living in a smart city

Paying without cash, organizing our agenda or having a virtual concierge suggest activities are some of the possibilities on board the most modern cruise ships in the world

Luxury villas with private butler: this will be your new favorite hotel in Vietnam

Are you planning a visit to Vietnam? Then read on and let your mouth water with the new opening of Anantara Hotel & Resorts on a private beach, on the very shore of the sea, and it has eccentricities as wonderful as a "salt guru".

Live your own ' Night at the museum ' in the Natural History of London!

We admit it without blushing: since, in our tender adolescence, we saw Night in the museum, we have not stopped dreaming of living an evening in one of them. Until now, we knew that it was possible to do it in the mythical Museum of Natural History in New York (yes, the one in the movie), but of course, it catches us a little to disarray ... So imagine our emotion when we have known that Same is possible in its analogue in London!

Da Vinci's hidden strokes will come to light in 2019

The United Kingdom will celebrate 500 years of Leonardo da Vinci's death exhibiting more than 200 of his unknown drawings

Everything you need to know to join the vanlife movement

Technology is an ally of those who decide to live traveling by van, nomads who spend their days from here to there in a house with wheels

Prince Pius will host the first covered theme park in Europe

Indoor Entertainment Center will feature attractions from The Hunger Games, Divergent or Mad Men.

Scotland already has its first spa dedicated to gin!

Dear Faranduleros and gin and tonic lovers, you already have an excuse to raise your glasses. Scotland will be your new sacred temple from now on, because the city is taking the place of the United Kingdom as far as gin is concerned. Glasgow vs. London: who will win?

The map to go around the world in 442 movies

The Oscar-winning and more box office tapes of the last 70 years lead us to travel around the globe

In these hanging cabins in Peru you can sleep closer to the stars

What do you think it would be like to sleep 400 meters high? Only you and the stars of the Peruvian sky. A unique but also real experience in the cabins of Skylodge Aventures Suites on the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in Peru.

Playmoworld: the exhibition of the more than 1,000 clicks of Playmobil

The exhibition, which can be enjoyed in Madrid until April 28, reviews History through 18 dioramas

Aitona in bloom: the landscape of peaches that will make you travel to Lleida

Aitona in bloom: the landscape of peaches that will make you travel to Lleida

Traveler Agenda (March 2, 3 and 4)

Cultural plans for a different weekend

What if you lived forever on a Sunday afternoon?

This is what happens to Barbara Lennie in ' Sunday's disease ' and survive that constant feeling in an isolated house on the mountain

Why we are all a little Lady Bird in Sacramento

Or why we begin to appreciate our city or town of origin when we leave there as Greta Gerwig tells

This artist "sees" music, and captures what she perceives in her paintings

"At 16, talking to a friend about a song that was orange, I realized for the first time that nobody else saw what I saw." Who remembers this is Melissa McCracken, a young painter who has become famous for capturing the images she perceives when she hears songs.

Live the experience of being part of Hogwarts in this magic school!

When we read Harry Potter, we all felt a single wish: that an owl should come to our home explaining that we were magicians, and that the time had come for us to enlist in Hogwarts. But, no matter how much we yearned for it, our dream never came true ... until now!

The first digital art museum in Paris: L ' Atelier des Lumières

An old foundry building converted into a Digital Art Center.

Be the protagonist of your own ' Yellow Humor ' in Vigo

You were looking forward to it, a ' remake ' of Yellow Humor arrives in Vigo, but this time to live it in the first person. Will you dare now? We are going to the Galician city and we are going to “leil a lot”, because we are going to live the television entertainment experience "Yellow Humor". The program that was first broadcast in 1990 on telecinco and on chain four finally finally makes the jump from television to reality. You know what they say: "sometimes reality can be better than fiction!"

The exclusive Bite Club: only suitable for survivors of a shark attack

Contrary to what Brad Pitt and Edward Norton said in ' The Fight Club & 039 ;, the first rule of the Bite Club is to TALK of the Bite Club, because only then this peculiar club makes sense

Artic Bath, this will be the floating hotel in Lapland

At minus twenty degrees, who fears the cold to take an outdoor bath? In Harads, nobody. In this town located in Swedish Lapland they are celebrating the next opening in December 2018 of Artic Barth, a floating hotel on the Lule River, about 6 km from the Arctic Circle.

Extra extra! 25,000 AVE and Long Distance tickets at 25 euros

Renfe celebrates the tenth anniversary of the arrival of high speed in Barcelona with this promotion on some of its trains

Traveler Agenda (February 23, 24 and 25)

Cultural plans for a different weekend

From Chefchaouen to Tetouan by car: a road trip along the most authentic Rif

A route through that Morocco more unknown, but more authentic

Discover what's behind the creation and direction of a luxury event

With this course of Condé Nast College Spain you will learn the ins and outs that are most necessary to organize a luxury event

The most fascinating art gallery in Los Angeles is a 1993 van

The best way to publicize your work: on wheels!

SuperShe: the island of Finland where only women are welcome

Attention men of the world: SuperShe will be our next paradisiacal golf club where you will not be able to enter. On this luxury island in Finland, only women wanting to find themselves and hungry for a healthy life are accepted. No children, no men, no alcohol.

Mondays will no longer be bad: they will be art

The Press Palace of Madrid will offer a documentary series consisting of six projects of the best painters of all time.

Would you dare with the longest zip line in the world?

A few months ago we told you that the longest was in Puerto Rico, but now a new Guinness Record has been broken again and we had to tell you. Pure adrenaline in the mountains of Jebel Jais in the Arab Emirates.

The infographic with which you will get to understand you on your trips to China

Chinese survival. Expressions to defend yourself and to make you understand where English does not succeed. Phrases infographics for your next trip to China will be the key that opens many doors on your next trip to the Asian giant.

Teledisko: the smallest nightclub in the world

Can you imagine setting up a party with your friends inside a phone booth? Well, this wonderful project exists and we are pleased to present it to you: it is German, a traveler and it is called Teledisko.

NoMad, the new hotel in Los Angeles to live the 'beautiful vita'

Opening hotels in old buildings is fashionable, and it is good for us that we can enjoy them. It is the turn of NoMad Los Angeles, the new adventure of the Sydell Group in the Bank of Italy dating from 1922. Now it opens its doors with renewed air and with much, but that much Italian panache.

Air China celebrates the Chinese New Year with flights from 425 euros to Asia

The offer also includes destinations in Oceania and South America

Is this the most beautiful new bridge in the world?

Sitting down to see Shanghai will be possible from the Dawn Bridge, its new bridge whose construction is expected to be completed in 2019

Traveler Agenda (February 16, 17 and 18)

February is the month of art in Madrid and, therefore, the city turns to events that celebrate design, color, music ... the art of living without losing the always traditional and authentic character of Madrid. COME ON!

On this island in New York you can enjoy a luxury campsite overlooking Manhattan

Go to the city of skyscrapers to run away from them. No, it is not nonsense. It is one of the new experiences with which the city surprises us this 2018. A luxury campsite with all the comforts awaits you on Governors Island: before you, the magnanimous Manhattan and yes, also the Statue of Liberty. You are facing the best camping of your life.

This is the orchid festival that will animate the London winter

An orchid festival in London? The city is ahead of spring and organizes the 23rd edition of Orchids Festival, this year inspired by Thailand. One more year, the Princess of Wales Conservatory in Kew Gardens is filled with flowers to brighten the cold winter in the capital of the United Kingdom.

Gladden Island: the crystal clear water paradise for two

Why do we always dream of disappearing on an island whenever we think of a trip with our partner? Crystal clear water, white sand, natural landscape and a resort in the middle of nowhere far from everyone's eyes (or so we believe) and the sound of sea gulls and sea.

Svart, the first "positive energy" hotel in the Arctic

Svart will be more than just an amazing hotel built in the fascinating Arctic landscape; It will also involve the construction of the first building under Powehouse standards in a Nordic climate. What does this mean? That it will be completely sustainable, since it will have an annual consumption 85% lower than a modern hotel, and will also produce its own energy.

Travel writer apprentice sought to tour Argentina

Take note: four days of writing workshop and ten days to discover the country. Pen, this is your chance

Malta for two

Are you looking for a beach? He has it. Romantic walks? Ample! Tranquility and disconnection? They are his main asset. Are you looking for, say, the escapedita in perfect couple? Then join us in the most beautiful corners of Malta, the island that will seal your love forever and ever.

Valentine Alert: last minute gifts for Valentine's Day

You still don't have yours? Do not panic!

Malta in 13 essential landscapes

Malta is a country that runs from end to end in an hour, so we can't think of a better means of transportation than the car to get to know it. With it you will have the freedom you need to stop wetting your feet in its very clean sea, to go from town to town in a matter of minutes and to discover corners that, otherwise, you wouldn't even know exist.

What if you could rent a mansion that is a giant board game?

We all carry a child inside and this new Florida mansion wants to prove it to us. For The Great Escape Lakeside, playing and having fun is not old.

The odyssey of dating a globetrotter

From the mythical dilemma ' in your house or in mine & 039 ;, comes the modern and traveling version: in your city, in mine or in a ' meeting point & 039 ;?

Reina Sofia, the best of culture in Spain in 2017

According to the Observatory of Culture, Madrid leads the cultural offer followed by the Basque Country and Catalonia. And Picasso has had a lot to do with this.

Win a flight for two people to a destination in Europe for writing love poems

Of course you will have to do it at 39,000 feet and in some of the dizziness bags that the easyJet airline places in its seats

How to travel to the best exhibitions in the world without catching a plane?

David Hockney, Cézanne… The Exhibiton on Screen film series brings the best artists to the cinema.

EVA, Renfe's millennial train that will link Madrid and Barcelona

Protagonism of new technologies, a commitment to personalization of the trip and up to 25% cheaper than the AVE. This will be EVA

Heading to Mars What if we wandered the red planet?

Why travel to Mars and not to another planet? These and other questions are solved here and now

These are the funniest translated sayings in the world

Translating expressions literally from other languages ​​can sometimes surprise you.

Ideas for a perfect honeymoon according to ' Fifty shadows released '

We follow the romantic (and luxury) steps of Anastasia and Christian.

Traveler Agenda (February 9, 10 and 11)

After this polar wave, this weekend gives us a break and what better way to enjoy these weekend plans.

Alhambra notebook: a journey through the secrets of Andalusian art

You will have seen the Alhambra on many occasions or perhaps you are waiting to do so. This is one of the most intimate that you can find, Luis Ruiz's Alhambra Notebook, published by Gustavo Gili publishing house, invites us to contemplate it from his line and his words with another perspective. That of the one who knows what he is talking about because he has known her for hours and alone.

They put on sale the lights of the Eiffel Tower

Of the 20,000 light bulbs that illuminate the monument every night, 450 can be purchased

Madrid will become a painting by Velázquez

90 giant meninas will conquer the most emblematic streets of Madrid with the exhibition ' Meninas Madrid Gallery '

Do you want to sleep in the Versace mansion? Book at The Villa Casa Casuarina!

The new season of the series & 039 ;, which in its first chapters had as its protagonist the trial of OJ Simpson, has just been released in the United States (it is expected that in Spain it will do so on March 21). This time, the episodes revolve around the murder of the legendary designer Gianni Versace, and have their huge mansion as an epicenter.

The best hangover remedy ' carnavaleira ' is in Praia do Forte

In Tivoli Ecoresort they have thought of everything from yoga to massage, going for walks to say goodbye, in addition to the day, the headache

This is all you can do in a hotel ... without sleeping in it

Once upon a time, when hotels went to sleep. Once upon a time. Today's hotels are born with another vocation, with more vocations: they want to be social, municipal and multifunctional; That is a lot to love. If you achieve all that we can welcome you to the 21st century. Today's hotels want us to rest in them but they want to tire us before.