Benidorm: retrato benévolo del exceso urbanístico

Descubrimos los encantos de los destrozos urbanísticos en la costa levantina

Hvar, the isla that honra has the hija of Beyoncé

Recorremos este codiciado rincón del Adriático

La Isla Sveti Klement o la buena mesa croata

Slow Food y gastronomía kilómetro 0 involuntarios

Galifornia: parecidos razonables between las dos costas oestes

Incredulos: dícese de aquellos que tildan el noroeste de la península como un cubito de hielo donde no deja de llover. Galifornianos: dícese de aquellos que rompen con los tópicos y encuentran en Galicia el verano en todo su esplendor, en playas de bandera azul y paisajes paradisíacos. Y si si, que el agua del Atlántico está helada y que si en Galicia tienen unos 70 términos para define la lluvia “por algo será”. Pero quien avisa no es traidor: los veranillos del noroeste, son Galifornia pura.

Trogir, the isla de los 700 pasos

O la ropa tendida entre palacios venecianos.

¿Y por qué no estar en Babia?

Enumeramos las bonanzas de una región desconocida

Art under the Midnight Sun

Nothing like the forests and lakes of Finnish Lapland to inspire creativity. Proof of this is the art of the inhabitants of the Arctic Circle, the Suomi (Finns) and the Sami (originally from Finland).

48 hours in Provence

The best plans to discover the land of lavender, sunflowers and good wine.

The most exclusive Bali: where to stay and eat in luxury key

The most exclusive Bali: we discover the pearl of Indonesia in luxury key

Delta del Ebro: sublime horizontality

The Delta offers a simple return to the origins where it makes you want to stay and live.

Route through the most beautiful villages of Provence

This is a route through some of its best villages, although we warn you that there are many more because Provence is a box of surprises that never ends.

El Charco Azul de El Hierro: a natural pool ready to fall in love

If you visit the island sometime, this is a must-have refresher that you cannot miss.

Trujillo: Extremadura with skin, wine and good lying

Two and a half hours from Madrid, Trujillo is THE perfect PEOPLE to spend a weekend of history, gastronomy and fun. Has it all.

The circular paradise of the Tuamotu

This archipelago of French Polynesia, consisting of 77 atolls, houses all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday.

Clean beaches: wanting is power

When 9 million tons of waste annually reach our seas, resigning would seem like the only solution.

Algarve hotels where we would like to stay and live

They are authentic, comfortable, design, exquisite ... Like the house on the beach that we all dream of having in Portugal.

Huelva Savage: guide to discover its best beaches

These are the best beaches in Huelva, guarded by Guadiana and Guadalquivir, 120 kilometers of crystalline waters, pines, junipers and golden sand; a wild paradise that is hard to part with.

Värmland, dream of a summer night in Sweden

During the long days of the Swedish summer, life is enjoyed in the middle of nature

What is the best beach in Spain?

You choose (your vote has a prize)

Trat, Thailand in green

If we add to all these qualities that, in addition, it is a territory still unknown to most of the tourism - with what this implies: a population overturned with travelers and zero crowds - what more can we ask for?

No, it is not Provence: this lavender field is in Cuenca and this July you can visit

Located an hour and a half from Madrid, this lavender field of the Alcarria Cuenca premieres visits

Isle of Skye, the icon of Nova Scotia

Often compared to Iceland, Skye breastfeeds and boasts beauty. She can.

Gata de Gorgos, the Alicante town that deserves a stop

There are villages that are not only for summer. And Gata de Gorgos is one of them. This corner of Alicante is located in a strategic place on every good route through the Mediterranean region of the Marina Alta: 9 kilometers from Jávea, 13 from Denia and just over an hour's drive from both Valencia and Alicante.

From beach to beach along the coast of Huelva (II): from Ayamonte to Vila Real

“On the nights of moon and carnation, from Ayamonte to Villareal…” As María Dolores Pradera sang, the second part of the route along the Costa de la Luz ends here

Accommodations to sleep well, but also different

From a cave to an igloo, through the amazing tree houses, in My Different Place you will find alternative places to stay.

Imagine having breakfast at any time of the day: paradise is here

Ibiza is the island of magical light, infinite sunsets and secret beaches. Also of fresh fish, fig trees that rest on canes, orchards of orange earth, countrymen with straw hat and Africans that set the rhythm by drumming. Between the sea and the rural, Ibiza is a place of wonderful contrasts.

Pakulala Safari Camp, the only camp on the Ngorongoro crater ring

At more than 2,300 meters of altitude and overlooking the caldera of the volcano, this ' safari camp ' located in maasai territory practically ensures the sighting of the ' five large ' from Africa.

Rascafría in 24 hours: timeless getaway for locals in distress

When the heat squeezes ... in Rascafría do not drown!

My time at Stonehenge: that's how I lived the (surreal) summer solstice night

Druids, mysticism and a good dose of popular celebration.

The Genoveses beach: where the desert merges with the sea

Tie your soul tightly, because when you get to Los Genoveses, it is highly likely that it will stay there forever.

Cala Rajá: the wildest and loneliest beach in Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata is one of the last redoubts of virgin beaches that remain in Spain, the perfect destination for those who want to enter the wildest summer. Therefore, we pass from the urban areas - which are also in the area -, from those that remain close to the villages, from those easily accessible, and we opt for Cala Rajá.

In New York there are beaches and they are spectacular: Welcome to The Hamptons!

Steven Spielberg, Madonna, Stella McCartney, Robert Downey Jr., Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow are just some of the most famous owners in this summer retreat a few miles from Manhattan

Cabo de Gata: a relaxing getaway

White cubes of lime are cut against the sky. We are in Las Negras, a fishing paradise reminiscent of hippies in which only 350 souls live. At least, from September to June; In July and August, the smell of Maresia - that's what the Canary Islands call the air laden with marine humidity - blends with the sweet aroma of the protective cream of tourists, who come to meet the sun in one of the most particular natural parks of the peninsula.

Five beaches for hikers in Cabo de Gata

Get ready to walk through places where only goats go, to sweat because even if it touches windy day, it is hot in Cabo de Gata. That's what summer was about, right?

The fields of Sevillian sunflowers to which the Japanese pilgrimage are already in bloom

Carmona is the place to experience the pleasure of losing yourself among these yellow flowers

O Val Miñor: the last Galician redoubt of peace and tranquility in summer

In this Galician region (almost) hidden and without overcrowding you do not have to choose: sea and mountains in a single environment that you can pair with the best raw materials of the Rías Baixas. What are you waiting for?

We have found the paradise of the Greek islands: welcome to Milos

Captivating villages, rock formations that look like another planet, a lot of history and more than 70 dream beaches.

In the heart of Brittany

Postcard villages, forests and lakes of other worlds, authentic gastronomy ... await you in the interior of northwestern France.

La Gacilly Festival, where this year the photos are, in addition to special, space

For 15 years this small city in French Brittany has hosted a photography festival that aims to make us reflect on the uncertain future of the planet.

Wine travelers: their favorite landscapes

They travel for work and are privileged witnesses of a nature that sometimes touches them, seduces them. And they decide to stay there, explore, learn. They look with different eyes on viticultural landscapes throughout Spain and tell stories in the form of wine. I ask you for your favorites, and this is what they tell me.

Calella de Palafrugell: your summer starts on the Costa Brava

This is a guide for those who have not yet discovered this jewel on the Costa Brava.

Montánchez-Tamuja, that little piece of Extremadura that you don't know yet

Landscapes, gastronomy and heritage: we take you to discover the region of the seven wonders.

It's time to travel to Formentera

The last blows of the quiet island before the "invasion" of tourists and travelers eager for transparent beaches.

Picos de Europa: Yosemite can wait

Let us surrender to the magnificence of the Naranjo de Bulnes, let us lose ourselves in the thicket of the Matona forest, challenge the throat of the Cares river and breathe very deeply when we reach Lake Enol.

Six fairytale villages to discover the Black Forest

Once upon a time in a hidden place in Germany called the Black Forest or Schwarzwald ...

From this luxury camp you can observe Mount Rushmore

Dawn overlooking one of the most famous monuments in the United States is possible in this impressive glamping.

The Menorca of the Menorcans ... and those who want to be

The secrets of the island of Menorca told by its protagonists: the Menorcans

The other Spanish islands to discover

Unknown to tourists and an open secret among adventurers

The field is ' cool & 039 ;: why more and more young people live in nature

The great city is no longer the promised land: now what is cool is to re-inhabit the countryside, and, if possible, live fully from it

Cala Saladeta: guide to use and enjoy this Ibizan paradise

A beach that is difficult to reach, but much more to leave

Southeast Asian beaches agonize

Leonardo Dicaprio's famous Thai beach closes indefinitely

Arcos de la Frontera, the gaditano corner where to escape from the world

Narrow streets of whitewashed walls, endless slopes, pots of bright colors and views that take away the meaning.

' Apps ' and ' gadgets ' to make the Camino de Santiago more bearable

On your route to the cathedral of Santiago, filling your backpack with some technological tools can be a great help to enjoy the pilgrimage to the fullest.

Tell me how you feel and I will tell you which beach in Cádiz you should go to

To be alone, to go with the children, for a romantic day ... in the province of Cádiz there is an incredible sandy area for each type of traveler and his mood.

This Maldives hotel has its own star guru

Attention, the nights in Maldives are now more special: the luxury resort Anantara Kihavah has installed a star observatory in its bar

Sanxenxo or the perfect beach town of Galicia

This old fishing village is today a summer landmark and the coastline with more blue flags across the country.

Are you looking for a getaway in Galicia? Welcome to Pazo do Faramello

A pazo full of future and one of the most beautiful visits you can do on the peninsula. Without exaggerating.

A place to meet: Behavior

This is not Ibiza or Tarifa, so the addict to the "show off" little show can do here.

On the road through Mallorca: the Sa Calobra road

The processions of tourists do not take away an apex of charm to the road of Sa Calobra, rated as one of the most beautiful, spectacular, dangerous and demanding in Spain ... and the world You have to try it!

Costa Rica unknown: seven places that will surprise (even more)

Yes, the Pura Vida! It has come so far that it has even sneaked into the most festive football songs. This attitude, beyond being the most used phrase by every Costa Rican that boasts, is the best way to summarize the wild and raw beauty that can be enjoyed in this green country of Central America.

Wicklow: the most bucolic and overwhelming Dublin

They call it "the Dublin garden", that is: squared chlorophyll

Four Norwegian routes that will take your hiccups

Winding coastal roads, lovely islands, dramatic gorges, emblematic fjords ... And all seasoned with architectural and design elements.

Why do you have to book your flight to Mallorca NOW?

Mallorca was one of the first Spanish tourists in the 60s. It had everything to attract those young Central Europeans eager for sun, beach, march and exotic postcards to send to those who had stayed.

Gorges du Verdon or the France ' sauvage '

The Verdon River has been drawing this canyon over time. It has pierced the plateau on which it sits, south of the Alps and north of Provence. And it has eroded it to our delight, creating a spectacular landscape.

Diving? Yes, but with responsibility

Tips to enjoy without damaging the seabed

On this beach in Lanzarote the clock stops (and the clothes disappear)

Out stereotypes because this is one of the least crowded beaches in Lanzarote.

Tuscany, I want to be an artist

There are hotels that inspire Instagram photos and other works of art, paintings, sculptures, songs ... Both things happen at Villa Lena. Housed in a 19th-century neoclassical estate surrounded by gardens, olive trees, vineyards and hectares and hectares of forests - so many that add up to a size similar to that of the Vatican State - it is an hour and a half from Siena, lost in the sensual hills of Italian Tuscany

Five keys to understanding the small paradise of Key West

Touring the Florida Keys to the end brings with it a reward in the form of a colorful and traditional island.

Where you least expect it, paradise appears: Playa del Risco in Lanzarote

In Lanzarote there are incomparable beaches but this is, without a doubt, the most remote.

Excursion through the Hoces del Río Duratón

Or the magic of feeling very small in the face of the beauty and vastness of nature

Guide to enjoy and love the beaches of Mallorca

Mallorca is a yes in summer, in spring, autumn or winter. It doesn't matter what time you have and if you've seen it a thousand times, because thanks to its being the largest of the Balearic Islands, it has a lot to show you.

Wine, gastronomy and 'ruralism': plans for an escape an hour and a half from Madrid

The Ribera del Duero Wine Route cries hollow in your travel plans

Mazunte: the Ibiza of fifty years ago is in Mexico

Don't think too much and go. Because before you decide, things can change and then come the wails, the cries and the grinding of teeth. And, hopefully it is a lot, we do not know how long Mazunte will last as we know it (those of us who are lucky enough to know it) today. And there are not so many special places, such as to let that train pass.

Where to shipwreck in the South Pacific: choose your island

Far, unknown and surprising: in the South Seas there are paradises for all tastes

Guide to use and enjoy the beach of Valdevaqueros: the wild Cádiz

A watermelon mojito, a poke by the sea, a grilled fish. Live concerts and barbecues. A refreshing dip. And, of course, a lot of wind and schools to learn to surf. Valdevaqueros awaits you.

The most shocking World Heritage in Spain

Cool places that also have this label

Today is the day of the Gardening naked, do you sign up?

We tell you what it is and we give you a series of recommendations in case you decide to join this peculiar celebration.

Beaches (officially) nudist in the Algarve

In Portugal they are very free yes, but as a guest you are keep the decorum until you are stepping on the sand of their naturist beaches.

The road is ours: a journey through the Garrotxa

The motorhome, the motorhome, symbolizes that idea of ​​freedom. Freedom to leave and stay, to sleep and wake up; to live in short, and to do it when, where and how you want. Who can resist?

Kattegattleden: how to travel the best cycling route in Europe

Every year Europe names its best cycling route, this 2018 the best one has fallen to Sweden and it is not surprising considering the importance they give in the country to this sport.

Stockholm on its best islands

We discover the best islands for a visit to the Stockholm archipelago.

The Azores or the Portuguese pearl of the Atlantic

Because there is a destination for each person, for every moment of our lives. Destinations that we know without having visited them and unknown destinations that surprise us and move us like this last discovery. Let's go to Sao Miguel in the Azores Islands in Portugal.

Guide to use and enjoy the secret beach of Gran Canaria: Tufia

You don't find Tufia looking for her, no. It is one of those places that appear improvising, while traveling towards another place and, suddenly ... crush at first sight on the road. This is what happened to us in Gran Canaria with Tufia. It appeared as if by magic to stay forever in our traveling retina.

Under the sun of Cabo de Gata

The landscape was inhospitable. His aridity caught me like someone who, exhausted by the excesses of spring, seeks the silence of the desert.

The fishing villages to fall in love (even more) with the Basque Country

The Basque Country is an ode to the marine life, the landscapes that take away the hiccups, the love for traditions and good food.

Norway will debut a museum in the forest that is a forest in a museum

The Lipinski Lasovsky Johansson studio projects in Norway a building that dialogues with the surroundings, the Forest Finns of Svullrya, and pays homage to the Finnish culture of the area.

Riaza, a journey to silence

We escaped to Riaza, one of the favorite Segovian towns for lovers of indoor getaways. Adventure sports, ghost towns and a good table possibly make up your best cover letter.

Sapa, a fairytale city in Vietnam surrounded by nature

Vietnam hides jewels of intense greenery and endless spell

Shinrin-Yoku: take a forest bath against stress

The therapy that everyone talks about

A pagoda in the Sierra Norte de Madrid

No, we are not crazy. And no, we have not seen a pagoda touring the landscapes and roads of the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

Unsuspected Segovia: eight places you wouldn't expect to find

Road, blanket and many surprises. Or what is the same, monuments, places and museums that surprise even the most recalcitrant Castilian.

Antarctica, a place where legends are built

Elephant seals, leopard seals, whales, penguins that run everywhere, ancient glaciers, Antarctica offers a unique spectacle for wild nature lovers.

Discover Panama, the hidden treasure of Central America

An explosive nature and landscapes that remain engraved in memory. This is the best kept secret in Central America. Panama has a lot to tell, and we will reveal it to you.

A route through the more than 80 Stelvio Pass curves

The Stelvio Pass is the second highest in the Alps. It was built by the Austrians, but today it belongs to Italy. Fame is due to the Giro

Nihi Sumba or how to fall in love with Indonesia in a unique hotel

The preparation of a stay in the best hotel in the world is done mentally and is full of questions. How will your private villas with pool and sea views be? What will Nihi Sumba have to be so exceptional?

A trip in which to enjoy nature, the beaches ... know the hidden face of the country and have time for yourself.

A trip in which to enjoy nature, beaches ... and have time for yourself.

A sad goodbye

This is a tribute to those places and monuments that no longer exist but that we will never miss