The syndrome of ' I leave everything '

“They want to send everything to the badge and dedicate themselves to walking dogs and being a lover of ' cougars ' in Venice Beach ”... these and other stories are part of that" I leave everything "that sounds in September.

This photographer lives in an eternal summer

The Mediterranean seen from the eyes of Carla Cuenca, journalist, photographer and creative director, is delicate, neat and somewhat addictive.

The wonder room of Palomo Spain

A space-time trip between the showcases of the National Museum of Natural Sciences

Female retreats: the covens of the 21st century you will want to join

In the era of the method, of feminist manifestations, of sorority, empowerment and non-mixed spaces -controverts, retreats only for women are the vacations that many were waiting for.

Yes, wine is also a young thing

Now that having less than 35 is being young (even asking for a mortgage or renting a house, that's the limit, friends) I have dared to test the present and future of wine through four profiles of our “young promises” .

Literary recommendations for a summer of black novel

These are some of the novelties and best sellers in the genre of the black novel for this summer 2018.

Australia, a country of opportunities for young Spaniards

If you are between 18 and 30 years old you can already apply for one of the 1,500 Work & Holiday visas to live, work and study there for a year.

Portitxol: the cove that triumphs on Instagram

The Blue Wall has left blue and white competition

Last night they were the great prizes of the trip and these are the best of the best in our country

At a gala held in Athens, the World Travel Awards announced the names of European winners.

LGTBI Pride 2018: much more than a party

The celebrations of the LGTBI Pride of Madrid, one of the most massive events in our country, begin. We talked to its protagonists and moved to Vallekano Pride for the second year.

The countries you must visit to understand the world

The planet is large and complex, and it is as difficult to visit everything as to choose which countries are the ones that will enter our list of trips to be made. However, if you are one of those who travel not only for pleasure, but also as a way of understanding the world in which you live, this selection of places will be useful as a starting point.

Route 66 between the endangered places of the United States!

The Natural Trust for Historic Preservation publishes the list of the eleven most threatened historical places in the US

Urban dictionary to defend yourself in León

It is not a jargon, it is not a bable, they are words, idioms and expressions that will help you understand our idiosyncrasy and fit well when you are visiting (or at the time of the wines).

Looking to start a new life? In these places they make it very easy ...

The "I leave everything" syndrome stalks us around every corner, and there are few who, tired of their day to day, seek to change their airs. Or simply embark on an adventure in a different place. The question is: where to go?

A cover like those of yesteryear

Go back to the place you frequented. Take a look back at those years when glamor was a matter of everyday life and sophistication emanated in spurts. With much dedication yes, but without effort and with excellent results.

The editorial speaks: a trip to the summers of a lifetime

Cars without air conditioning, meals on the beach, hailstorms on the seafront ... One moment: where is Chanquete?

10 reasons why you should travel during your maternity leave

We have already shown that yes, traveling with babies is possible and even desirable, so why not do it during maternity leave, a time when we have free time - and, in many cases, paid -? This is what Karen Edwards, the blogger behind Travel Mad Mum did when she had her first daughter, Esmé.

Lee Miller, the model who jumped into the trench

When you look for synonyms of the word intensity, terms such as passion, enthusiasm, exaltation, energy, strength or vigor arise. They all describe Lee Miller. His life was vertigo or not.

Decalogue of life in the village

Not all peoples are equal, we know that. But what is certain is that the majority of those who inhabit this Iberian land of ours share a certain idiosyncrasy, a particular air that has nothing to do with that which is breathed in the cities ... and that can be summed up in ten commandments :

With babies, pets or in a wheelchair: bloggers and 'youtubers' who teach traveling differently

Although, in the beginning, certain circumstances will throw you back when it comes to discovering the world, knowing that others have achieved it will give you strength to follow their example.

Long live the prevalence! What is the perfect getaway you need NOW?

Answer this test and you can win one of the two rooms with entrance to the Natural Park of the Monasterio de Piedra in Zaragoza.

Gotzon Mantuliz, an adventurer of the 21st century

Corona Beer Ambassador, this intrepid traveler reveals to us what his greatest vital challenges have been and tells us about his great passion (and concern): the wild life in freedom.

Anthony Bourdain: the last great gourmet

Without waiting for it or wanting it, last week the cook and writer took his own life. Thus, we lost one of the most important culinary characters of our era.

The language, the main barrier to travel of the Spanish

Before traveling with a dictionary in the suitcase, today the translator has solved us a lot, even speaking for ourselves. Even so, Booking has shown it with the latest study it has carried out: the language is still a barrier for 20% of Spaniards when traveling. It is one of the things that worries us the most and makes us doubt to launch ourselves to travel and feel citizens of a place called world. So what exactly worries us and prevents us from making the most of our trips? Because according to the study (about 20,500 travelers from around the world)

To auction the Rolex Submariner that belonged to Stevee McQueen

It will be in New York on October 25 and everything indicates that the record is served

Millennials travel better than you

And with their modus operandi they have changed, for the better, the world of travel

Valencian Community, destiny of freedom

Did you know that the Mediterranean character is one of the most open in the world?

' My first trip alone & 039 ;: the guide to encourage you to travel without companions

'My first trip alone' is the book that Andrea Bergareche decided to write after her trip around the world with more company than her backpack, pencil and a notebook.

This Italian villa has welcomed the most devout ... and the wildest parties in Tuscany!

Villa Cetinale is a 17th century baroque mansion with a very interesting history.

2 Femmes in 2CV or how to travel the world on a two horse

Two friends, a two horses and the road ahead: the adventure was served

Jurassic parks, virtual roller coasters and underwater cities: this will be the destinations of the future

Science and technology will also be able to revolutionize tourism: the destinations of future travelers may well have come out of science fiction movies and series.

Ten eBooks that should not be missing in a traveler's virtual suitcase

Literature was always a good travel companion. There are many novels that can help us travel and get to know countries, cities and cultures, better than any guide

Victoria Beckham's shoe designer arrives in Spain

Francesco Russo opens his first corner in Madrid

Young Spanish women are the most adventurous (and traveling)

A study conducted by an agency specializing in experiences abroad confirms this fact that we already sensed.

Five getaways near Madrid to go with your dog

Prepare the necklace and the strap that we are leaving!

Nicaragua: find out before it's Trending Topic

A Northern Lights in the Caribbean

They traveled alone

Eight pioneer women on the solo trip

How did our parents travel?

There was a time when people dared - yes, dared - to travel without a mobile phone, GPS, or anything that located them without going into shock.

Your dog can be your ideal travel partner, and the most fun

“I would love to have a dog, but I travel a lot and I wouldn't know what to do with it”? Andrew Knapp is clear, take it with you!

Travel like a local: five travel guides for an alternative experience

Goodbye, 'turisteo'. The way you travel is changing. It is no longer worth visiting a city adding 'checks' in the list of sites to see and making the mythical photo that all your Instagram contacts have. Now it takes the genuine, the real experience. That you would only have in one place if you lived in it.

I want it to happen to me: Stromboli, sea, fire and Ingrid Bergman

The volcano was the island. The conical mass of Stromboli floated above the sea like a charred iceberg.

Forget the decorative maps: What your house needs is a traveling tree!

My Travel Tree, the project of Seville's María Calderón is the perfect gift for any traveler worth his salt.

Traveling with Maria Callas through the most beautiful theaters in the world

The theaters in which the greatest diva of the twentieth century triumphed.

The applications you need for your next trip to New York

With roaming increasingly accessible abroad and the large free Wi-Fi network in New York, it is now possible to make the most of our mobile phone.

This designer creates unique pieces with curtains from Parisian hotels

Hôtel Vetements: the French firm of Alexandra Hartmann

The contest with which you will win a trip to Dubai for the whole family

If skyscrapers and family getaways are your thing, you're in luck: Emirates gives you the chance to win a trip to Dubai. You just have to answer a brief test, ready?

Ecuador, the best kept secret in South America?

A combination of nature, cosmopolitan cities and ancient cultures

Bessie Stringfield, the legendary pioneer on the back of a Harley-Davidson

Bessie Stringfield toured the United States in the 1940s, riding her motorcycle alone, despite her status as an African-American woman

May the force be with you ... and travel, too

We celebrate Star Wars Day with the traveling motives that make you embrace the Force and almost space.

These are the illustrated maps of your favorite artists

Can you imagine what the map of New York would look like if Warhol had painted it? And the one in London if Bansky had been the architect? Stop fantasizing, they would be this beautiful!

Candidates are looking to spend the summer from festival to festival

The 60 chosen will become Fest Masters: the summer job you always dreamed of and paid with € 1,500!

Who invented the French Riviera?

A scandal or, simply, boredom were enough reasons to settle in a hotel overlooking the sea or get a coastal town

A room in Bloomsbury

Because every book is a travel book; at a minimum, inland travel

Practice colecho at 10,000 meters altitude

Sleeping with your baby on the plane is easier than ever ... if you travel with Air New Zealand

In the suitcase of ... María Casbas, Traveler journalist

The essentials of a frequent traveler. Traveler journalist María Casbas has just arrived from Finnish Lapland, where she has enjoyed the northern lights; Recently, she was in Milan Fashion Week - a very special city for her, since she was living there for a year. And this weekend he has made an escape to Alicante, "to scratch a little sun."

Five airports where to stay to live

We don't want to do a Tom Hanks at ' The Terminal & 039 ;, but we wouldn't mind spending a large scale at these international airports.

Monographic guide of ' Catalonia: 365 days of travel and culture '

Condé Nast Traveler presents this monograph with which to squeeze every corner

The mecca of design and gastronomy: Oaxaca

Entrepreneurs and local artisans seek to boost sustainable crafts

This Panama hotel hides 360º views of the city

The gallinazos (vultures) fly over the scene and surround us. We can find them almost face to face. We have invaded your space: we are in heaven.

Traveler icon: Louis Vuitton's trunk

LV, the initials of the man who revolutionized the art of traveling and whose time capsule you can visit in Madrid

Ford Mustang Bullitt: the reincarnation of Steve McQueen's car

His unforgettable chase through the rugged streets of San Francisco remains in the retina of movie and motor lovers. Half a century after making the screens vibrate, a reissue of the legendary movie car ' Bullitt ' It goes on sale. Can anyone resist him?

Eldorado, travel stories in the post-tourism era

“In the small kitchen on board I prepare a tea, trying not to make any noise. It is Sunrising. I woke up before the others, as always; There is a great feeling of calm outside. I enter the cu

Queue? That is so 2016 ...

What were the majority travel trends in 2017? And what will be this year's? That is what the new TripAdvisor report tries to find out, which ensures that, although we still like to visit the most iconic monuments on the planet, we also begin to open up to new experiences.

Unknown Tuscany by bicycle

Cycle tourism in Tuscany leaves filmic scenarios in the retina and pleasures on the palate

Flights at 14.99 euros until April 11 at 23:59!

Attentive, because you have practically 24 hours, that is, until Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 23:59, to decide where you will fly your next winter vacation. Or, what is the same, from next October 1, 2018 until March 20, 2019.

What has been lost to you in Lapland?

They arrived, they saw ... and they stayed in Finland!

The most hidden places on the planet

Mountains that nobody has managed to climb, islands that give off any compass, hidden forests and huge caves that nobody had found for years.

This is the map that will reveal what country your dog is from

Do you know the roots of your dog? If the answer is no, do not worry, just consult this wonderful map

Hitha Palepu, the guru who will revolutionize the way you pack

Hitha Palepu, author of the book ' How to pack & 039 ;, gives you all the tips to take advantage of the space and minimize stress.

Adventurous weddings: what if we escaped?

We talk about a new trend to say yes, the ' elopements ' or travel to get married

This is how we will travel in 2018, according to Pinterest

Pinterest, the platform that uses boards with beautiful photos to inspire us, has measured the behavior of users most interested in travel to prepare a report that will probably predict what many are already planning for your vacation.

The ' influencers ' who earn the most by traveling taking pictures

They write books, place advertising on their websites or participate in free charity events that help them improve their brand image. We tell you how people with thousands of followers on social networks manage to get a good salary while making their passion a job.

What is the place in Spain where women travel most? And the men?

Do we choose destiny according to our sex? That is what they wanted to find out on, the largest platform in Europe specialized in urban apartments. To achieve this, they have analyzed 100 destinations with more than 1,000 reservations in the last year, concluding that Caleta de Famara (in Lanzarote) takes the first prize.

The ' The Hunger Games test & 039 ;: how much do you know about the saga?

Twelve questions like the twelve districts that live under the yoke of the Capitol test if you really know as much as you think of 'The Hunger Games'

We have a winner and a trip to Paris in sight!

We already have the name of the contestant who has won a trip to France by high-speed train thanks to the movie ' Lost ' and RENFE SNCF

Where is Wally? This week you can search it on Google Maps

After Mario Kart, Wally and his fellow adventurers arrive on Google Maps. Do we look for them?

And the most smiling city in the world is ... a Spanish city

Who are the people who smile the most in the world? This is what the Danish Meik Wiking, director of the Happiness Research Institute, wondered. Therefore, he conducted a study in 20 cities, including places in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The result? The most smiling people are in Malaga.

Dismantling Karen Blixen, the author of ' Memories of Africa '

The story of the woman hiding behind the pseudonym of Isak Dinesen

The map that shows the meaning of the names of each country

And the one in Spain has to do with adorable animals

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for digital nomads

The new Silicon Valley tastes like mojo picón

Vespino, the Spanish legend turns 50

Although it was discontinued in 1999, the iconic moped continues to enjoy enormous popularity for the freedom of movement it brought to youth. This is his exciting story with Iberian marching.

These are the favorite travel agencies for a honeymoon has named this month the best travel agencies according to the bride and groom of 2017. In the Honeymoon category of the Wedding Awards 2018, 899 travel professionals from all over Spain have participated.

Krakow, the most economical European city to travel this spring

According to the tenth annual City Costs Barometer study of the Post Office Travel Money, Krakow is the cheapest city to travel to this spring in Europe.

The unusual beauty of Japan's vending machines

In the middle of the snow, lost in the middle of a road, lighting a parking lot. Japan's ubiquitous vending machines photographed by Eiji Ohashi shine in the dark of the night of the country of the rising sun.

We enter the most luxurious abandoned villas in Italy

Entering an abandoned place is a suggestive and disturbing experience at the same time, in which both our senses and our imagination are activated. But, in addition, this sensation emerges at very high levels if the site whose stillness we disturb is especially beautiful, as are the Italian villas that Eleonora Costi photographs.

My surreal life: Instagram to know the most crazy Hong Kong

How many versions of a city exist? Everyone has their own, of course, but to look at the universe the city lives in by doubting it is always much more interesting.

Maps to know how to respond to a sneeze around the world

Health! Jesus! Gesundheit! Bless you! The map of responses to the universal ' Aaaaachiiiiiis! '

Afraid to travel alone? We take it away with these reasons

Because traveling only has more positive things than you think

Mexico City: the rebirth

And back, back, we return to Mexico City looking up and at the rhythm of its soundtrack, which is heard again six months after the earthquake of 19-S

And the new cities that will occupy the 22 squares of the next Monopoly Spain are ...

Estepona, Torrejón de Ardoz, Salamanca or Zaragoza have been some of the winners of the vote

Provence: Sade and Lavender

Provence was still out there, as idyllic as I remembered ...

At what time of the flight is an accident most likely to occur?

The American aircraft manufacturer Boeing has analyzed all commercial flights that have made devices of more than 27,000 kilos from 2007 to 2016. The objective? Unraveling one of the biggest mysteries for the hypochondriac: the moment of the flight in which most of the accidents take place.

And this is the winner of the 2018 Gold List award

A demanding vote with a height award