Urban trips

Brick Lane, el mercado de patatas de Londres venido a más

Descubrimos uno de los mercados más pulsantes de la capital

Nueva york con niños

A series of planes pensados ​​para disfrutar de la gran ciudad en familia. For the reason that pequeños no se aburran, pero los mayores tampoco. Nueva York es la ciudad hecha para todos.

A verano in Berlín

In Berlín hay que aprovechar cada rayo de sol en verano. Sacar tu lado nudista en los lagos que rodean la ciudad, desinhibirte gritando en un karaoke, refrescarte con cerveza ... Aquí no hay playa, y ni falta que hace.

The ruta del misterio in Madrid

Esta ruta es para recorrer Madrid con los ojos abiertos y con la percepción incorrupta, para dejarse llevar entre leyendas y conocer “todo lo que econdas tras las fachadas de la ciudad”. Eso nos dice literalmente nuestra acompañante, Clara Tahoces, autora de la ya mítica ' Guía del Madrid mágico ' y apasionada del misterio. De su mano experta nos movemos por la capital, escuchando aquellas historias que van más allá de los datos objetivos. Abran su mente y bienvenidos.

A paseo por the Friedrichstrasse in Berlín

Viajamos durante un día por una de las principal arterias de la ciudad

Como behaves in La Latina

Este es el barrio en el que toda extravagancia tiene asiento y nosotros te contamos cómo moverte por sus calles sin perderte con tanto eclecticismo.

A Logroño para no engordar

A recorrido lejos del griterío of the Laurel y de los vinos

Librerías madrileñas donde mojar la magdalena

El gran circo madrileño de los escaparates deja al descubierto un nuevo paisaje interior que arrasa entre especímenes urbanitas de gustos consolidados: las librerías-café.

Portland y Seattle: más allá de ' Cincuenta sombras de Gray '

El tsunami ' Cincuenta sombras de Gray ' our inunda prometiendo dejar una huella relevante en la cultura popular de nuestro tiempo ... y en la de sus escenarios, Portland y Seattle.

El diamante negro from Copenhagen

Trapeizoidal y negro azabache, así es el Black Diamond, parte de la gigantesca Biblioteca Real de Copenhague, a microcormos literario hijo del mejor diseño de vanguardia nórdico.

Museo molón: el cine y el cielo de Turín

Más allá de las salas de proyección, también hay cine. Este arte molón por excelencia, tiene su hueco en la Mole Antonelliana de Turín, a museo homenaje al séptimo arte en pleno Piamonte.

' Kit Garden & 039 ;: Lisboa viste de arte

Lisboa is available from arte para celebrar el aniversario de su República. Joana Vasconcelos presenta su nueva obra, ' Kit Garden ' in pleno Lago do Intendente. Otra chincheta cultural en el mapa lisboeta.

Paris through the lens of Hollywood

The Aristocats, Charade, Midnight in Paris, Inception ... Paris is a celluloid city, cannon fodder for American cameras since the beginning of Hollywood. His clichés have varied throughout the year: sensuality and luxury to mystery and darkness. But be that as it may, Paris has always been honey for the bees of the American film factory.

The rare library of hidden books

In this library books are not in sight. Perhaps a metaphor for the uncertain future of paper? At the University of Amsterdam, each book is treated as a relic in a theatrical and somewhat dramatic environment. It is the mysterious library of hidden books.

Musashino Library, a spiral of looks and reading

The Musashino University of Art Library is a real, contact space ... Here the virtual is lost and the real becomes important. Like books, like study, like looks.

Free Paris? C ' est possible!

Paris, the city of the robbery, not only lives off exorbitant prices for tiny coffees. In fact, it is compensated to pay 30 euros for a cocktail with that of free activities that one can enjoy. What? You do not believe it?

The magical list of Hansa I: Lübeck and Travemünde

First part of the route through the old German ports of the powerful Hanseatic League. Lübeck and Travemünde open the tour of the Baltic cities and the North Sea.

Good bye, Tacheles?

With the fall of the Berlin wall, the squatter phenomenon became a real tourist attraction of a boiling city. Despite his eviction a week ago, Tacheles is still the memory of that Berlin, where everything was a party without a master or patron.

The new ' Central ' of books in Madrid

The independent chain of bookstores La Central has just inaugurated a new headquarters in Madrid, a few meters from the Plaza de Callao. A new oasis of books and culture for lovers of printed paper.

The magic list of Hansa II: Hamburg

Second part of the route through the old German ports of the powerful Hansen League: Hamburg, cosmopolitan, grandiloquent and essential.

Edinburgh, crazy about art

The streets of the old city of Edinburgh is a party and everyone is invited. The Fringe Festival takes place at the city's famous International Festival. Consecrated and amateur artists seek to tear a smile or a tear, depending on the mood and the degree of talent. Without a doubt, the best is its street atmosphere. The curtain opens.

European perfume temples

With the trip as a leivmotiv, we let our senses get drunk with the smells of Paris, San Sebastian and Brussels, in three perfumeries that have made the perfumer's trade an art of evocative smells and sensory landscapes.

Edinburgh raises the curtain

This is the guide you need to enjoy the Edinburgh International Festival completely. The tricks to get you cheaper tickets, reservations at trendy restaurants and the best accommodation. During the festival, Edinburgh is a party.

' Rolling ' for Morocco, like the Stones

Morocco coaxed The Rolling Stones, and in what way, taking them on an initiatory journey of exoticism and psychedelia in Jajouka, a lost village in the Riff Mountains in Tangier.

Mallorca launches hanging pools

Three hotels in one and the largest hanging pools in Europe. This is the new and innovative proposal of Meliá Hotels in Mallorca.

Guide to succeed as a headliner in Madrid

You already have the most important thing: your Mad Cool subscription. Now, add all these plans to squeeze the month of July!

We're going to the beach? Let's escape to Javea

You will understand why Cristóbal Balenciaga retired here. And you want the weekend to last longer.

Summer is blue: these are the destinations that will conquer you this vacation

Summer is blue, like the sky, like the sea. Why don't we get in tune with him and set course for one of these chromatic destinations?

Planning vacations? Follow these tips to avoid being hired online

The Internet serves many holiday bargains that end up being online scams. If we take a series of precautions when booking we can avoid them.

The twelve Commandments of the traveler ... in Pamplona

Everything you need to do in Pamplona in Sanfermines can be reduced by twelve essential commandments to enjoy these holidays like a true pamplonica.

Forget about Berlin: Hamburg has what you need for a getaway with your friends

Thinking about the next getaway with your friends? We will only tell you that Hamburg is cool, and a lot. If you want to know how to plan a weekend to remember, read on ...

Why you will want to know the boutique cities of Switzerland

Halfway between the big cities and the towns, the boutique cities appear, the new Swiss claim.

From Madrid to the Metro: the Instagram account that reconciles you with the metro with a laugh

You will wait on Wednesdays with impatience to receive your dose of suburban genius

Why visit Medina Azahara, the new addition to the UNESCO World Olympus

The city-state that Abderramán III dreamed finally achieved the recognition he deserved

48 hours in Alicante

Upon arrival, the capital of the Costa Blanca soaks the skin of sea breeze. It is Mediterranean in its purest form.

Santa Eulària des Riu: relaxation in Ibiza is possible

No, that Ibiza is not synonymous with hustle and bustle. At least it is not in Santa Eulària des Riu, a town located on the eastern coast and that maximizes leisure opportunities. It is a suitable place to visit with family, as a couple or with friends.

Yes, the graffiti that appeared in Paris is from Banksy

The artist has confirmed it on his Instagram account

We have found the most fun hotel in Sitges

Dream rooms, a swimming pool that goes into the sea and the summer spirit by flag. Welcome to ME Sitges Terramar.

Mystic, Connecticut, or how to stroll through an 18th-century whaling villa

But the true claim of this fishing village goes back a long way, to the period between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when Mystic was an important port in the bay of New England, with an economy focused on the construction of ships and the shelter of big sailboats during strong storms. In 1929, Mystic Seaport was founded, one of the most important maritime museums in the world and the most prominent in the United States: an entire fishing village recreated in the traditions of the eighteenth century, where you can visit four historic sailboats, including merchant whaler more to

Something is happening in this old factory in Madrid and you will love it!

A restaurant with healthy food, a concept store, classes with Olivia Palermo's coach ... Aim for fire: LaMarca, your new place of pilgrimage in the Las Salesas neighborhood.

Glasgow, that city you didn't plan to go to ...

A city with nice people, Spanish schedules, good architecture, reasonable prices, green spaces and redheads

Long live Benidorm

For years it was fashionable to hate this Alicante city that is now running to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The best terraces in Madrid to receive the summer

Finally: how much we deserved a TERRACE

A route through the best antique dealers in Paris

If you die for antiques, Paris is your city. Whatever style makes you vibrate, here is a list of the best antique dealers in the capital.

Where to spend the night in Buenos Aires

And may the sun not hurry up!

There are more reasons than you think to return to the Plaza de Oriente

The Madrid of the Habsburgs may be taken for tourism, but there are still small traditional redoubts that we should never stop going to.

In the car, under a glass dome or in the moonlight. Summer cinemas return to Madrid!

From the cult classics to the most popular premieres of the season: make room in your summer calendar, because it's going to smoke!

The best terraces to start the summer in Barcelona

These are some of the best terraces you'll find in the city to launch the summer.

The first 3D crosswalk in Spain is in this Valencian town

The municipality of Almussafes already makes use of this innovative three-dimensional and hot melt system

Russian Red and his (delicious) Los Angeles

Fan of destinations with historical and cultural weight, Russian Red gave the last of his shoe in the delicious and endless Los Angeles

I love New York, I love Helena

Top among the tops, unstoppable globetrotter and perfect example of multiculturalism for its Danish and Peruvian roots: this is Helena Christensen.

A new multi-brand store arrives in Soho de Gijón

The Collector is born, an innovative project that mixes art, culture and fashion in a three-story space.

Everything about the Serpentine Pavilion

In a historic year since the Mexican Frida Escobedo is the youngest architect to project this pavilion.

48 hours in Quito

Like all good lovers, Quito falls in love slowly.

Sitges: open 24 hours

The most popular town on the Costa del Garraf is a 24-hour destination

These are the best cities in Spain to visit on foot

Because a city is not well known until it is 'brujulea' through its streets

Stoneybatter: the metamorphosis of Dublin's working class neighborhood

Stoneybatter has been renamed "the coolest neighborhood" (the coolest area) in the capital and now you will discover why.

Cais do Sodré or how to tour the Lisbon of yesterday and today

The perfect equation to stay and feel like a sardine in the water

48 hours in El Borne: dream and reality in women

We rediscovered the Borne neighborhood with the women who build it

' The ' photographer & ' el ' artist, portrait of the iconic friendship between Whitaker and Dalí

The new temporary exhibition of the Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres includes the best portraits that Robert Whitaker did to Salvador Dalí between 1967 and 1972.

Forget Havana: Sagua la Grande awaits you in Cuba with all the rhythm

This city in the province of Villa Clara, on the north coast of Cuba, opens to tourism and opens two hotels.

This week Salamanca will shine more than ever and you can't miss it!

From June 14 to 17, the World Heritage city is once again filled with light and avant-garde art.

Plasencia: a Game of Thrones of Medieval Spain

Plasencia can boast of being one of the most beautiful cities in Extremadura

The library of the future is called Oodi and ... it has just opened its doors!

Lovers of design (and reading), see you in Helsinki

Milan ' a la milanesa & 039 ;: GOOD life beyond Piazza del Duomo

Where to eat, sleep, go out and - of course - buy like a local

This hotel is a circus!

Surrealism and reverie are the pillars that the interior designer has used to give a new air to this hotel located in the central Barrio de las Letras

Today a park is born in Brooklyn: the new ' must ' on your trip to New York

The new ' place to be ' New York is Domino Park, the park located in an old sugar factory in Brooklyn.

Zaspa, the Polish neighborhood that became an outdoor art gallery

Or another example of how art, of whatever kind, is an engine that changes profiles, gives hope and generates opportunities

Don't call her Görlitz, call her Görliwood: welcome to the city of German cinema

To understand why Hollywood chooses its unique architecture as the setting for its films, one must first know a little more about its history.

It's a museum? Is it a grocery? Do not! It's the Real Factory: your favorite store of old products

Wood dust from the East, Victoria shoes, the Álvarez encyclopedia ... a journey through nostalgia in the Barrio de las Letras

The best shops to return from Tokyo with the suitcase full of fashion

Tokyo and fashion is an explosive mix, its nose for trends is undeniable and they are the greatest cool hunters we will see in our lives.

Why you have to live in Paris for a few years ... or forever

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then Paris will accompany you, wherever you go, the rest of your life."

What do architects see when they come to Madrid?

Buildings that every archilover must know

Budapest Hungary things to do on a weekend

Things to do in the capital of Hungary: where to sleep, where to eat and what to see.

Gibraltar: a visit to ' La Roca '

The secret is in the mix

Faraday, the new ' record shop ' from Chueca where to go for coffee

Hidden in San Lucas Street we discover a record shop and curious objects that is also a cafeteria.

Guide to use and enjoy Mad Cool 2018

Coachella, we also have a ferris wheel! And to the Arctic Monkeys!

What has a madrileño lost in a hotel in Madrid? Bastard arrives

Things happen almost every day in this hotel, and you shouldn't miss them. "Enter without calling"

This street in Barcelona is the one we would all want in our neighborhood

The new fashionable street in the city, bubbly and unstoppable, is waiting for you: it is the street we would all want in our neighborhood

León for ' blanditos ': plans for those who don't want to succumb to the bacchanal

Leon's are made of another paste. Therefore, we offer you a quiet visit to the city, for which we are still a little soft

Neighborhoods that do: Kadiköy, in Istanbul, is waiting for you

Something (modern and creative) is cooked in Kadiköy

Unsuspected Lleida: Seven places you wouldn't expect to find

No, it does not have a beach and in many occasions the Pyrenees have teamed up the rest of the province. And yet, the ugly Catalan duckling has much more swan than it seems.

Mallorca: logbook to spend the summer like a king

You will have plenty of reasons to go.

48 hours in Guadalajara (or everything you expect from Mexico)

Think of Mexico What image comes to mind? If the answer is mariachis and tequila, you are really thinking of Guadalajara.

Guide to use and enjoy the urban circuit of Monaco with your car!

The one in Monaco is the only historic Formula 1 circuit that anyone can do today in their utility, by motorcycle, by bike and even walking. All year, except race days.

Believe it or not, in Mexico City you can also relax

No, you don't have to escape to Tulum, Puerto Vallarta or Holbox, you just have to know how to choose the places in the Mexican capital to disconnect and let yourself be loved.

Madrid Book Fair: what you can't miss

More than 400 activities await you but these, and only these, are the essential

The Book Fair told from inside a booth

The Madrid Book Fair has given much of itself for 9 decades. Today we discover its history and talk to its protagonists from inside the booth.

If you go to Calatayud, ask for the Dolores

We discovered the history of this popular Bilbao neighbor who now has a hostel and restaurant dedicated to her!

We pedal (without getting tired) with Verónica Blume and María León

We have gone to Barcelona to try the new Peugeot eF01 hybrid bike and we have discovered that both the city and the bike are easy, comfortable, stylish and not at all heavy.

Edinburgh, put on the batteries that Glasgow is coming!

They say that whoever is not able to have a good time in Glasgow will not do it anywhere. And we can't agree more!

Canned messages through the streets of Barcelona

Barcelona has many things to tell you. So attentive, open your eyes well, that you do not miss a detail (or any facade).

The new skyline of Madrid: the Four Towers will have a neighbor

Caleido, with 165 meters high and 36 floors, will be the city's new skyscraper.

Dance Havana: move to the sound of Cuba

What does Havana sound like? How is your people? Nothing better than to understand it through dance and dance, so ingrained in Cuban culture.

Casa Corona: the coolest urban oasis returns to the capital

This summer we say yes to the philosophy 'This is Living'!

Paris with the most Parisian Parisian: Luna Picoli-Truffaut

We are going for a walk in the Latin Quarter of the French capital

Two hours from anywhere in Europe: this is the perfect city to live and travel

This new city, which will have its first buildings ready in 2022, aims to be an example of innovation, mobility and sustainability for the rest of the world.